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May 2022

Increase your AMH levels naturally

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 24, 2022

What is the AMH ?

The anti-mullerian hormone is composed in both men and women, but it is generally being measured in women. AMH level indicates how many eggs are remaining. The higher eggs you have, the higher Is your AMH level. Usually, low AMH level causes difficulties to conceive. An AMH test is generally used to test a woman's ability of producing eggs, which can be fertilized in case of pregnancy.

5 reasons for low AMH levels

  • Age: Women are born with 2 million eggs and as the time passes by, the AMH levels tend to decline. When their first menstrual period occurs, the quantity of eggs is reduced by 400,000. These eggs continue to deplete in quantity and quality as the time passes by.
  • Genetic issues: Certain genetic concerns might cause premature ovarian insufficiency, including Fragile X premutation and BRCA1.
  • Environmental factors: Not only age and genetic conditions causes low AMH levels, smoking, vitamin D deficiency, and high BMR also causes low AMH levels.
  • Ovarian surgery: Previous ovarian surgery such as removal of cyst or entire ovary, can contribute to low AMH levels.
  • Uses of certain medicines: Using combined hormonal contraceptives can cause low AMH levels.

2 simple steps to increase your AMH levels

  • Nutritious diet: Some studies have shown that having nutritious diets boosts AMH levels. The higher vitamins and nutrients your body consumes, the better will be the AMH production.
  • Inhibit tobacco use: Smoking tobacco can cause ovarian aging and low AMH levels. Smoking can create difficulties in conceiving. If you use tobacco and are also trying to conceive, then talk to your doctor to stop smoking as soon as possible.

So, that is all the necessary information regarding AMH (anti-mullerian hormones) levels. Having low AMH levels is now quite common. Try to have a well-balanced nutritious diet, and a healthy lifestyle to increase your AMH levels. Also, consult with a fertility specialist to get over fertility issues.