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Jul 2020

Important health tests for every women you must know about

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jul 10, 2020

In a busy life schedule, the greater percentage of women generally miss those tests that are essentially required. Unfortunately, there are still a huge number of women who are not aware of any of these tests, which can even make them face several kinds of physical complexions. For example, skipping a thyroid test may give birth to bigger physical problems. According to the doctors, health tests for women are also necessary to determine the presence of diseases and also to detect the possibilities of any kind of diseases.

Most of all, this is impossible for us to stay aware and alert of each and every symptom of all the diseases. This is another prime reason why a test is necessary. Some kinds of diseases may turn very serious if not detected and treated at the beginning stage. This is why you must stay aware of the necessary health tests for women. Some health tests that every woman must go for are mentioned below for you.

10 important tests for women

  • Pap Smears: Pap smears are needed very often from age 21 to 65. To perform this test, a speculum is used to widen the vaginal canal and collect cells from Cervix for examining those cells to determine possibilities of cervical cancer. Mammogram: In this test, X-ray is used to capture images of breast and is examined to detect the potentials of breast cancer. Women are recommended to go for a mammogram one in every two years.
  • Cholesterol check: Women must go for this test at least once in 5 years. A device is used in this test for evaluating the hazards for getting stroke or coronary illness. Consult your physician to know how regularly you should go for this test.
  • Vitamin deficiency test: The prime objective of this test is to determine the possibilities of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D deficiency. Knowingly, the deficiency of Vitamin B12 may cause a risky pregnancy.
  • Blood glucose test: Doctors recommend to go for a blood glucose test once in every 3 years to detect the possibilities of diabetes or prediabetes. This test is also run if the patient is obese or currently having a family history of diabetes. Bone density test: The prime objective of this test is to determine the chances of osteoporosis. X-ray is used to capture pictures of bones before examining them.
  • Skin examination: Skin examination is also hugely necessary to determine the possibilities of skin malignancy. Ladies are recommended to go for this test every month.
  • Dental Examination: Every adult lady is suggested to go for a dental examination at least twice a year for the inspection of the tooth.
  • Colon Cancer Screening: Women should go for a colon cancer screening at the age of 50. Generally a sigmoidoscopy is run for this test. It is recommended to have a sigmoidoscopy at least once in 5 years. Apart from that, tests like yearly stool test, double-contrast barium enema and computed tomography colonoscopy are also run.
  • Depression checkup: Mental illness can also be dangerous as well as physical illness. In case you are feeling depressed, consult a specialist as soon as possible.

Each and every of the above mentioned tests can certainly help a woman stay out of the risk factors of several kinds of diseases and physical complexions. As well as important tests like thyroid function test, these tests should also not be skipped. You may get connected to a genuine and reliable pathology lab to know more about such tests or to fetch more necessary information in this regard.