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Jun 2021

Importance of procalcitonin (PCT) test in Covid

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jun 16, 2021

Although so many people are still not aware of the necessities of this test, however, this is still one of the most important tests. The term PCT stands for procalcitonin test. The major purpose of performing the test is to properly measure the exact amount of procalcitonin in the blood. As a matter of fact, procalcitonin is produced in response to bacterial infections in the body.

Many of us do not know how dangerous sepsis can be, it may even turn life threatening and it is considered as one of the most painful responses of a human body in response to any bacterial infection. Determining the presence of chances of sepsis is a major use of this test and this is why doctors may suggest you to go for this test once the symptoms of sepsis are growing in your body. The greater percentage of medical experts and pathologists recommend to go for this test once a person is having visible symptoms of any kind of bacterial infections to ensure the effectiveness of the existing antibodies against that bacterial infection. The wide use of this test can be noticed to determine the presence of dangerous inflammatory diseases like sepsis. Apart from that, this test is also performed for monitoring the effectiveness of any antibody treatment.

How is the test useful in Covid?

Covid-19 is one of those viral infections that are known for causing a huge damage to our respiratory system. However, the presence of Covid-19 can be the reason for inflammation in the lungs, which is one of the symptoms of it. A procalcitonin test can detect that inflammation and this is exactly how the presence of Covid-19 can be determined in a person. This is the key reason why many doctors suggest to go for a PCT test during the days of Pandemic. You may get connected to a reliable medical expert today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.