Mar 2021

Importance of HbA1c blood test

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Mar 01, 2021

The necessity of health tests is known to each and everyone now. In our daily life, we come across so many kinds of diseases and disorders and some of them may even turn deadly after a certain point of time. The most concerning matter is, it becomes almost impossible to detect most of such diseases at the initial stage. Once it reaches the final stage, it becomes incurable most of the time or even deadly in some specific cases too. This is the reason why health checkup for at least once a month is always highly beneficial for everyone.

HbA1c blood test is certainly a diabetes test that is prescribed by most of the doctors nowadays. As a matter of fact, the disease called diabetes starts to occur when the blood sugar amount is higher than normal. People who are highly symptomatic regarding diabetes should definitely go for this test. For example, men who are having decreased sex drive, poor muscle strength or women who are having urinary tract infection or dry, itchy skin should definitely go for this test to get a bird’s eye view of their exact physical condition. In a word, the importance of this test is undeniable, especially for diabetic people.

The HbA1c test is mainly run to reflect average blood glucose levels, which can help you be sure that you are out of risk or not. The more glucose level in the blood is, the more it becomes easier to determine the presence of Hemoglobin A1c on the blood cells. This test helps to generate absolute reports that can help you take steps ahead towards further treatment and cure. No need for fasting before the test as this is one of the simplest blood tests ever. If a diabetic patient is still not cured completely then the person should continue checking the Hemoglobin A1c levels. As the hba1c test cost is not very high, so you can definitely go for this test to determine whether your A1c levels are controlled or not. If you are also diabetic or having a family history of diabetes, then consult a reliable pathology lab right now and get your health checkup package booked today. Choose a thyrocare diabetic package today because a diabetic health checkup can certainly help you get your problems detected.