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May 2021

Importance of d-dimer test in Covid-19

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 15, 2021

The name of the D-dimer test may not seem known to so many people. However, medical experts agree with the massive importance of this test during the concerning hours of pandemic. D-dimer test, CRP, CBC, Interleukin-6 tests are beneficial for monitoring the patient’s progression to Covid-19 related cytokine storm and help in timely medical intervention to reduce fatality. Let us put a brief about D-dimer for you.

What is the D-dimer test?

D-dimer is actually a protein fragment that uses itself soon after the degradation of a blood clot. Indeed, D-dimer is one of the most genuine biomarkers for both mortality rate and the severity of any disease. In brief, D-dimer is known as a product of cross-linked fibrin, which stays present in the blood in case of blood clotting. To be more specific, people with blood clotting disorders should mandatorily go for a D-dimer test. The necessities of this test are,

  • This test can help to assess the severity of the disease.
  • This test helps to easily assess the risks of pulmonary complications.

There are many more necessities of a D-dimer test. One of the most mentionable necessities of this test is its wide use in the days of pandemic. A brief on that is given below for you.

A brief on Covid-19

Covid-19 is a deadly respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus, which has already claimed so many innocent lives all over the globe. Although some of the most effective vaccines have already been introduced, the number of infected people are still increasing in several corners of the world. This viral disease spreads through the respiratory droplets releasing from the nose and mouth of an infected person.

How can the D-dimer test be useful in Covid-19?

As we all know, the deadly virus can form a colony in the lungs and turn more dangerous than we can even think of. Rare symptoms like blood clotting are also being seen and this is the major reason why the D-dimer test is undeniably important. D-dimer test appropriately shows the presence of blood clots in the patient's body, even in lungs, who are having severe forms of Covid-19. In such conditions, the patient may face shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. A D-dimer test is the ultimate solution in such cases.

In a word, the D-dimer test in Covid is mandatory and essential. If the test reports show the presence of a higher level of D-dimer in the body, it means there are so many blood clots present in the body. The higher the D-dimer levels are, the more the patient will be needing oxygen because the amount of blood clotting is also that high. Go for a D-dimer test for Covid today before its too late. Fortunately, D-dimer test price is not really too high and the facilities of D-dimer blood test is widely available now.

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