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Jun 2021

Importance of CRP test for Covid

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jun 08, 2021

Not all of us are well aware of the necessity of a CRP test although a huge number of medical experts are suggesting nowadays to go for a CRP test in Covid. The term CRP stands for C Reactive Protein that is widely known as a genuine indicator of inflammation. Every time our body faces any kind of inflammation, the CRP levels increase in the blood and this is exactly how the presence of any kind of inflammation can be detected. In other words, CRP absolutely works as a perfect marker of inflammation.

If you are going through acute conditions, which may give birth to inflammation, then you will be suggested to go for this test. Apart from that, this test is also suggested to all of those who are having any pre-existing autoimmune disorders or arthritis. As a matter of fact, any hidden inflammation can be detected through a CRP test, which is only possible just because CRP works as a marker. The test is mainly performed to measure the existing CRP levels in the blood so that it becomes easier to get information about the inflammation that has taken place.

The importance of the CRP test for Covid is undeniable. Covid-19 is a deadly respiratory disease caused by the well-known coronavirus. However, Covid-19 causes inflammation in the lungs, by which it can be detected. As a CRP blood test can work as a marker of inflammation in the body, it will help to determine the presence of this deadly disease in a person. This is the reason why many doctors are suggesting to go for a CRP test during this pandemic. You don’t need to be worried as a CRP test cost is not high enough to be purchased.