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Mar 2023

How to maintain skin health : A complete skin care guide

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Mar 27, 2023

Skin issues are often treated as silly and ordinary health complexities compared to other health problems but skin problems also have the potential to turn critical. From rashes to acne, from itching problems to inflammation, there are several types of skin problems that can make you face massive irritation and if left untreated, some of those even may turn incurable. This is the reason why maintaining skin health is necessary.

Avoiding skin problems won’t be a big deal if proper skin care guidelines are followed. Although advanced skin treatment facilities are available now all over the world, precaution is still a better option than cure. Just the way we try our best to keep our heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs healthy, the same way we must take care of our skin too so that it remains healthy and doesn’t get vulnerable to diseases and damages.

It’s not very easy to take care of your skin. Firstly you must build a unique skin care routine for yourself. Secondly, you have to learn the use of skin care products but also the products and practices that may turn out to be harmful for your skin and can even make your skin problems worse. Let’s learn first how to prepare a daily skin care routine.

How to prepare a skin care routine?

Your skin care routine must involve the use of some skin care products, which can help you remove your skin problems. Also, the products must be used step by step, and twice a day. Once when you wake up in the morning and once before you go to sleep.

  • Cleanser: The use of cleanser can help you clean your face and remove the natural oil from your face skin. However, avoid using cleansers more than two times a day.
  • Serums: A serum with peptides or vitamin C can be used under sunscreen in the morning.
  • Moisturizer: Cream-based moisturizers can be beneficial for the ones who have dry skin.
  • Sunscreen: Sunscreens can be used to avoid the negative impacts of the scorching heat of summer, but sunscreens should be applied at least 15 minutes before stepping into sunlight.

Before making any routine permanent, start with a basic one and see how your skin responds to that specific routine. If the reaction of your skin is positive to that particular routine that you have prepared, then you can continue it further. Most importantly, do not forget to check the labels carefully because prescription retinoids and retinols should only be applied during the night time.

To be mentioned, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you must follow to maintain a standard skin health. Although it’s not known to most of us, just using skin care products is not enough for keeping your skin healthy if you do not follow certain guidelines. Some of the most effective skin care tips are given below for you that will not just help you maintain skin health, but also keep your skin away from the chances of some potential damages.

5 most effective skin care tips

  • Exposure to sunlight can be the reason for certain harmful skin problems and you need to be careful even if you are a regular user of sunscreen. Try to stay under any shade most of the time to avoid direct contact with the sunlight or you may also use an umbrella. It is not possible to stay under a shade all the time and this is the reason why wearing protective clothes is also necessary to avoid direct sun exposure.
  • You must stay away from unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking to keep your skin healthy because smoking effectively contributes to the wrinkles. Smoking may reduce blood flow in the outermost layer of your skin, which can make your skin look pale.
  • Keeping yourself away from excessive stress is necessary to maintain your skin health. Stress turns your skin overly sensitive that may end up causing acne breakdown.
  • Getting enough sleep is also important for maintaining skin health as well as the functionalities of other body organs.
  • Stay hydrated as much as possible because that can also help to keep your skin healthy.

Although so many types of skin treatments are currently available in the market, it is also necessary to stay aware of the tricks to solve your skin problems naturally. Take a glance at some of these natural solutions to skin issues.

How can you treat skin problems?

  • Acne: Although the treatment process of acne highly depends on the severity of the disease, you may use some nonprescription products like benzoyl peroxide, adapalene, salicylic acid etc in case of mild acne.
  • Sebaceous filaments: you can start with carefully pressing the bump circle and try to make the filament come out and then use toner and moisturizer after it comes out.
  • Blemishes and scars: Applying Silicone gel for 8-14 hours per day can help in improving scar thickness. On the other hand, honey can be used for the purpose of healing scars and wounds. Niacinamide can help to decrease dark spots and blemishes.

As mentioned before, the first thing you need to do is find out your skin type. All your skin care efforts and precautionary measures against potential skin damages may go to waste if you start applying skin care products without knowing your skin type. There is a simple process to find out your skin type.

Pat your face dry after washing it and then wait for half an hour. Then press a piece of oil blotting paper on different areas of your face skin. After the process is done, hold the blotting paper to the light and check how transparent it is.

  • If the paper is not transparent, then your face type is dry.
  • If the paper is soaked through, then your skin type is oily.

Always remember that DIY skin hacks are not really healthy. The best solution to get rid of skin issues is to consult a dermatologist and get necessary recommendations about skin care. There are skin problems that may also turn serious, so the wisest step that can be taken is to seek expert advice at the first sign of trouble. So many genuine and reliable dermatologists and other skin care professionals are providing their services these days for a very reasonable price in several regions of the country. Get in touch with them today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.

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