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Jul 2019

How Thyrocare is able to provide services at low cost?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jul 16, 2019

Thyrocare is a reputed name in the list of genuine diagnostic centres. This totally automated diagnostic centre provides the best health checkup services. Currently they are providing services all over the country. From thyroid profile test to preventive health checkup, their packages include all of those.

The term ‘low cost’ is not proper for Thyrocare. Instead, the term ‘reasonable’ can be used. Thyrocare cares about their service quality. Charging a large amount of money can easily hamper their reputation. That is why Thyrocare Tests price is lower than others.

However, some healthcare points cut their cost by cutting off some test facilities from their packages. Thyrocare is not one of them. Thyrocare Offers health checkup packages for a very cheap price, yet those packages include all the necessary tests. Aarogyam C and Aarogyam X are the most popular range of wellness thyrocare packages.

Thyrocare provides home sample collection facilities for free. Such facilities are still not available in many other diagnostic centres. Besides, Thyrocare is known as the first IT enabled pathology lab that provide accurate test results within a short span of time. Their price is truly low compared to their service quality. They are having no past records of any kind of quality issues.

Reasons why Thyrocare can provide services at low cost

  • Thyrocare owns fully automated labs. That reduces the expense of maintaining additional zones.
  • The business model of Thyrocare is advanced. It helps to cut the cost.
  • Thyrocare owns advanced gadgets that generate error-free test results. That helps to cut the cost of manpower.
  • Thyrocare never pays commission to doctors. It saves a huge amount of expense.

Because of all these, Thyrocare can sell packages for a cheap price. Thyrocare does not even carry any huge marketing cost. This is another reason why Thyrocare packages are available at a low cost. Thyrocare health packages are now available everywhere. Besides, most of the test facilities are available even at your nearest location. Consult us today to fetch more necessary information in this regard. We will always be just a call away from you.