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Oct 2021

How is cancer slowly becoming a lifestyle disease?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Oct 17, 2021

As we all know that smoking causes cancer, but it does not mean that those who don't smoke cannot get cancer. Several studies showed that people who are leading a healthy life, still get cancer. Here are some things that can cause cancer which you might not have noticed before. Those habits are listed below for you.

4 Things you should avoid in daily life

  • Nowadays everyone knows that consuming tobacco is the major reason for getting lung cancer. The chemicals present in tobacco smoke damage the cells and change the DNA. They block the process of cell growth. And it is also not good for your oral hygiene.
  • People who are having obesity, have so many health problems, like Diabetes, heart related problems, and high blood pressure. Cut out some unhealthy foods that you take on a regular basis to avoid these health issues. Just like packaged foods, sugary meals, red or processed meats. Besides, also avoid higher consumption dairy products.
  • There are people who consume alcohol on a daily basis thinking that it'll damage only the liver. However, in reality, it not only damages the liver, it can lead you towards getting cancer. It can cause too much weight gain and hormonal imbalance, weakens the body's ability to fight with harmful chemicals and also damages body tissues.
  • Too much tanning is harmful for our skin also. UV radiation causes skin cancer, it damages the cell in a way that they start to grow uncontrollably. This growth leads to formation of a Tumour and if a Tumour don't get proper treatment then it will form cancer.

A Cancer patient is treated with chemotherapy , radiation therapy or surgery. But we can protect ourselves by creating a healthy lifestyle avoiding these mistakes. Do regular health checkups to know if you are having any underlying health issues that might lead you towards cancer and take a few years of your life.