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Nov 2020

How do viruses spread and the ways to prevent it

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Nov 06, 2020

It is known to all that viruses are basically microorganisms that remain surrounded by protein cells. There are a huge number of viral diseases and some of them are well known for turning incurable or even fatal after a certain point of time.

How do viruses infect humans?

Viruses generally infect humans by injecting their genetic materials inside the host. After that it starts to make uncountable copies of itself and then starts to kill the host cells. Knowingly, chickenpox, influenza etc are some of the common examples of viral diseases.

How do viruses spread?

  • Aerosol: Aerosoles remain in the air for a certain span of time and can infect a person by attacking the respiratory system.
  • Direct contact transmission: Getting in direct physical contact with any infected person can make you infected akso and this is called direct contact transmission.
  • Droplets: Respiratory droplets release from the nose and mouth of any infected person and can make another person infected if the person touches any object or surface that are containing these droplets.

Apart from that, there are some types of virus that gets transmitted because of sexual attachments. Fortunately, some precautionary measures can be taken to avoid getting in touch with these viruses. Some of them are mentioned below for you.

Precautions for preventing the spread of viruses

  • Always keep your nose and mouth covered when roaming outside.
  • Always wash your hands properly or use alcohol based sanitizers.
  • Maintain a safe distance while talking to someone.
  • Avoid public transport options while travelling.
  • Avoid public gatherings as much as possible.
  • Keep all the stored or newly bought vegetables clean and wash them properly before consuming.
  • If you are having a pet, then you must keep the pet vaccinated.
  • Practice safe sex and use protections as much as possible.
  • Drink plenty of water and make sure it is clean and filtered water.
  • Never share personal belongings like towel or handkerchief or never use the same given by anybody else.

Apart from all these, always try to stay at home if your business is not vitally important as it is known to all that the rampage of the coronavirus is aggressively increasing day by day. Get in touch with a certified doctor or a reliable pathologist to fetch more necessary information in this regard.