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May 2021

How can a CBC test save the life of a Covid-19 patient

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 12, 2021

We all know the fact that Covid-19 is the name of a fatal respiratory disease that comes with so many physical symptoms. Thousands of lives have already been terminated by this deadly virus and the number of infected people are gradually increasing day by day. However, it has also been a big challenge for so many of us to get the presence of this viral disease detected at the very beginning stage as it is a known fact that Covid-19 is asymptomatic in so many cases.

Passively, a CBC test can save the life of a Covid-19 patient. A recent research has been shown that CBC can aid in the early recognition of Covid-19 in any infected patient. The researchers have found that the absence of Eosinophils can aid in any early diagnosis. In fact, it has also been seen in the research that low count of eosinophil is closely related to the mortality rates and patients who had a rising eosinophil count had more prominent disease outcomes. These rising or falling levels can be measured through just a complete blood count test, which is still not known to a large number of medical experts.

The eosinophil results of Covid-19 patients and Influenza patients were compared. The result was a bit shocking. 60% Covid patients were having zero eosinophils at the time of presentation where on the other hand the 28% covid patients were having zero eosinophils just 24-48 hours before their hospitalization. Later, 46% of the patients expired, and the rest of the patients survived who were having eosinopenia on presentation. This is how we can be sure about the fact that counts of eosinophils are trended with mortality rates of covid patients. There lies the necessity of a CBC test as that can play a lead role in the diagnosis of the disease that plays the major role when the matter comes to treatment.

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