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Feb 2020

Heart diseases: Symptoms, causes, treatment diagnosis, tests

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Feb 12, 2020

There are so many kinds of heart diseases that are well known for turning fatal within the shortest possible span of time. For example, coronary artery diseases have already claim a huge number of lives all over the globe. This is the key reason why largest percentage of certified doctors always suggest to take precautionary measures that can help one stay away from heart diseases.

The risk of heart diseases is same for both males and females. However, heart diseases can also be cured in a proper manner if it becomes possible to detect the disease at the beginning stage. It goes without saying that this is necessary to fetch information about the primary symptoms of heart diseases to get this disease detected at the initial stage. Some of the mentionable symptoms of heart diseases are briefly evaluated below for you.

Major symptoms of heart diseases

  • Chest tightness
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fainting
  • Slow or fast heartbeat
  • Sudden swelling in legs and feet.

Unfortunately, the greater percentage of common people are still not aware of the risk factors or causes for heart diseases. Some of the mentionable reasons of heart diseases are briefly evaluated below for you.

Causes of heart diseases

  • High blood pressure and cholesterol can be the reason of heart diseases.
  • Frequent smoking may cause heart disease
  • If you are having a family history of heart diseases, then you may have heart diseases
  • Obesity can also be the reason of heart diseases
  • Diabetes may cause heart disease.

Apart from all these, a history of preeclampsia during pregnancy can also cause heart diseases. There are certain kinds of tests that are required to determine the chances of heart diseases. Some of them are briefly evaluated below for you.

Tests and treatments for heart diseases

  • Physical exam and blood tests: Important tests like Total Cholesterol test, LDL test, HDL test and Triglycerides test are performed to assess the risk of heart diseases.
  • Noninvasive tests: Tests that don’t include any breakage on skin are called Noninvasive tests. For example, Electrocardiogram, Echocardiogram, Stress test, Holter monitor, Carotid Ultrasound, Chest X-ray, CT Scan, Heart MRI etc are such kinds of tests that also helps to detect the chances of heart diseases.

Besides, you must also get in touch with doctors in case of abnormal heart rhythms. Staying under complete guidance and observation can help you stay out of risks if your are having any serious heart disease. Fortunately, all your worries in this regard are about to reach a dead end as a huge number of genuine and reliable pathology labs have already stepped in with the best solution for you. Get in touch with one of them today to go for a cardiac test package or to fetch more necessary information in this regard.