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May 2021

Health tests that are mandatory if your age is above 40 years

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 06, 2021

Age is one of the biggest factors in health conditions that most of us generally ignore. The preventive ability of our body remains the highest during our adulthood, which is not eternal. As a matter of fact, we start turning weaker and vulnerable to many diseases once we get 40 years old. It goes without saying that this is the reason why so many diseases start to take place after a person is 40 years old.

From heart stroke to hypertension, the risk of several kinds of diseases start to increase once a person gets 40 years old. This is the major reason why most of the doctors always suggest all the people who are above 40 years old to go for a test at least once a month to keep monitoring their exact physical condition so that it becomes possible to detect any occurring disease at the very beginning stage. Some of the health tests that are compulsory if your age is above 40, are mentioned below for you.

Health tests that are necessary if you are above 40

  • Diabetes screening: Diabetes is very common among aged people and if you are having a family history of this disease, you must go for a diabetes screening. The chance of having diabetes starts to get higher once your age is 40. Also go for a diabetes screening if your weight is higher than normal.
  • Cholesterol screening: Cholesterol is one of the strongest enemies that we hold in our body. As a matter of fact, cholesterol can be the active reason for a cardiac arrest, strokes or obesity. The more age grows, the negative effects of cholesterol start to get visible.
  • Cancer Screening: This is the most important one for both you and your loved ones who are already 40 years old. Colorectal cancer and prostate cancer are two of the majorly found types of cancer in men. On the other hand, women who are above 40 should go for a screening of breast cancer.
  • Exercise stress testing: Evaluating the health of the heart and assessing how much stress the heart can handle is the major objective of this specific type of screening. It will help you know that your heart is receiving enough oxygen or not.
  • Osteoporosis screening: Most of us do not care about our bone health, which may lead us towards painful physical complexions. Deficiency of Vitamin D increases with age which degrades our bone health that can be the reason for Osteoporosis. A screening is not enough, you must keep your calcium consumption on continuation.
  • Dental screening: last but not the least, our dental health also starts to degrade soon after we turn 40. Apart from aging, calcium deficiency is one of the major reasons behind it. A regular screening can help you stay up to date about your exact physical condition.

The more our age grows, the more our body loses the ability to defeat the trespassing diseases. This is the reason why frequent screening is necessary. Always remember, even the silliest complexion may turn into an incurable disease and this is the reason why the importance of a proper health screening is always there. Get in touch with a genuine and reliable medical expert today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.