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Sep 2023

What is hair loss? and how to prevent it?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Sep 09, 2023

Hair loss is a very common health issue that may start happening at any age. These days, premature hair loss has already become a major problem of the young generation. Extreme hair loss may not cause any serious physical issue, but it can be really depressive and badly affect the appearance of an individual. So many of us start losing a very little amount of hair at the initial stage but the amount of hair fall usually starts increasing gradually with time. However, now the facilities of blood test for hair loss are widely available.

As a matter of fact, certain lifestyle changes, supplements and hair care techniques can definitely help you prevent hair loss or at least effectively reduce the amount of hair fall. Take a glance at some of the most mentionable precautionary measures that can help you keep yourself away from rapid hair loss.

Effective tricks to reduce hair loss


  • Protein: Keratin is a certain type of protein and hair follicles are made of keratin. For promoting hair growth, it is necessary to maintain the consumption of foods that are rich in protein that can effectively help to reduce hair loss. Foods like eggs, fish, nuts, beans, low-fat dairy products, turkey, chicken etc can be considered as a healthy choice for this.
  • Mediterranean diet: Mediterranean diets may include fresh herbs and raw vegetables. It has been seen in research that it may be helpful to prevent both male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is known for supporting healthy hair growth. This is why it is necessary to consume foods that are rich in Vitamin A. You can consume sweet potatoes, spinach or sweet peppers as these are some mentionable natural sources of Vitamin A.


  • Vitamin D supplements can help to deal with Vitamin D deficiency, which can help with hair regrowth.
  • Multivitamin supplements can help to maintain the balance of vitamins and minerals in the body, which is very important for hair growth. All kinds of vitamins including selenium, iron and zinc should be consumed for better hair health.
  • Biotin consumption is also extremely important because the fatty acid synthesis in the body includes biotin, which is essential for hair life cycle. As a matter of fact, biotin deficiency can lead to hair loss.

Apart from all these, taking proper care of your hair is also extremely necessary to maintain hair health and stay away from the chances of hair loss. Take a glance at some of the most common hair care techniques.

Common hair care tricks you should know about

  • Coconut oil contains lauric acid that helps in binding protein in hair and protects it from breakage and this is why applying coconut oil on hair is necessary.
  • The most effective way to keep your scalp clean and healthy is washing your hair regularly.
  • Avoid massive styling tricks that include tight braids or any other hairstyle that may pull out hair from the root.
  • Applying olive oil in the hair can also help you protect your hair from dryness and breakage.
  • Chemical treatments like hair color or perms can also cause damage to your hair and this is why all these should be avoided.

Medical treatments like platelet-rich plasma or laser therapy are also available now that can help you control hair loss. Apart from that, there are popular medications like minoxidil, finasteride etc that are being widely used by people who are suffering from hair fall issues. However, it is not recommended to go for any medication without having a detailed consultation with any certified doctor. Also, it’s never too late to make a wise decision to go for a hair loss test.