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Apr 2022

Gut Bacteria and Vitamin D : What is the link?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Apr 30, 2022

It is known to each and every medical expert how hugely Vitamin D is connected to the immune strength of our body. On the other hand, Vitamin D deficiency can lead to so many extremely critical physical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. This is the prime reason why a Vitamin D test is necessary.

This is the prime reason why certified doctors always suggest maintaining a sufficient level of Vitamin D in the body just because deficiency of Vitamin D may give birth to conditions that may turn serious. This is the reason why sometimes Vitamin D supplements are also used. However, No concrete evidence has been found so far that Vitamin D supplements can help one away from cardiovascular diseases. However, it can help to improve bone health. Keeping it aside, let’s just talk about the relation between Vitamin D and Gut bacteria.

Link between Gut bacteria and Vitamin D

Although it is not known to a huge number of people, gut bacterias may play a lead role to convert inactive Vitamin D into active Vitamin D into the human body. Although it has always been a known fact that increased microbial diversity supports better health, however, the effects of these on Vitamin D is also prominent enough to be observed. In other words, the Vitamin D activation procedure may partially depend on the gut bacterias sometimes, which is still not known to so many of us.

Last but not the least, Vitamin D deficiency may turn out to be more dangerous than you can even imagine. Gut bacterias won’t help if there is already a massive lack of Vitamin D present in your body. Go for a checkup today to know if you are having Vitamin D deficiency or not. You may get in touch with a pathology lab to know about Vitamin D test price.