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May 2022

Fever turns more serious during the night time : Reasons you should know

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 07, 2022

It is hard to find a single person probably who has never suffered from fever. As a matter of fact, fever is one of the most common diseases and each and every of us has faced it several times since the beginning. When fever takes place, we have so many physical complexions and we can neither get back to work nor sleep properly.

However, it is still not known to a huge number of people that fever is more likely to turn serious at night. In other words, if you are suffering from fever then your condition may turn worse during the night time and there are certain reasons behind it. A brief on why fever gets more serious during the night time is given below for you.

Why does fever get more serious at night?

According to the opinions of a large number of certified doctors and medical experts, the working ability and strength of the immune system of our body differs from day to night. As a matter of fact, our immune cells remain hugely active and it can provide complete protection from any potential threat. However, the cells start getting less active during the night time and this is the exact reason why our body fails to defend itself from the complexions created by the disease or to defeat the disease and this is exactly why the fever starts to get serious during the night time. In such cases, it is always recommended to go for a fever profile test to know about the exact cause behind the fever.

This is exactly why people who are suffering from fever should stay more cautious during the night time. If you are also suffering from fever then do not make a regrettable decision of ignoring it. Get your medications on time and do not forget to seek medical attention immediately if you feel that the situation may turn worse. You can also consult a pathology lab to know more about a fever profile test price and book your fever panel test from any reliable diagnostic centre.