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Jul 2020

Everything you need to know about Covid-19 antibody testing

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jul 13, 2020

It is said that people can go back to their regular life once the antibody is applied. Knowingly, the only trustworthy kind of antibody invented yet is the plasma that is taken from an individual who has become successful to defeat Covid-19 with the immunity. This is considered as one of the most experimental treatments of all time.

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However, the study and research is still ongoing on how the convalescent plasma can help an individual who is infected. In other words, researchers have already found that the plasma may help an infected person recover faster. This is why medical experts and doctors are suggesting the people who have defeated Covid-19 to donate plasma for the welfare of others.

Are the antibody tests really accurate?

Each organization claims that their test procedures and results are accurate. However, government researches are still in progress about the accuracy of such tests and nothing can be said surely before the researches on these are done. However, it has already been declared that selling a bad test will be considered as a punishable offense. As a matter of fact, some kinds of tests may confuse IgM antibodies with other types of coronaviruses.

Who should get an antibody test?

In case you suspect that you have got in touch with the coronavirus, then you should go for the Covid Antibody Test. Apart from that, if you have recovered after catching Covid-19 then you should go for this test to determine the presence of antibodies in you.

How is it possible for one to get an antibody test?

As a matter of fact, these antibody test for covid 19 can also be done at home. However, now the facilities of these tests are available in most of the places all over the country, maybe at your nearest pathology lab also. You may have a brief consultation with your doctor or a local hospital to know how to get tested in a proper manner.

As per information fetched, NIH desires to study and examine blood samples of 10,000 people who haven’t tested positive yet just to know how many people are carrying the virus without even knowing about it. You may also get in touch with them to get yourself tested.

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