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Oct 2020

Effective tips to stay safe during celebrations in the time of Covid-19

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Oct 20, 2020

The rampage of Covid-19 is aggressively increasing day by day in several corners of the planet. Covid-19 is an incurable respiratory disease that is well-known for turning fatal in most cases. Till now, no antidotes have been introduced and this is the reason why this disease has already claimed a huge number of innocent lives.

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India is at a very serious position based on the count of death rate and the number of infected people. On the other hand, the biggest indian festival is also knocking at the door and celebrating together can be very dangerous for each and every person. This is the prime reason why taking precautionary measures before any kind of celebrations is hugely necessary. Some of the major precautionary measures are mentioned below that should be taken during the days of celebration.

5 effective tips to stay safe during the festival days

  • The first and foremost duty is to avoid each and every kind of public gathering. Enjoy your festival solitarily with a few loved ones who have also taken precautionary measures.
  • Keep a sanitizer in your pocket or carry it in a bag. Frequent use of sanitizers can help you stay disinfected, which reduces the risk of catching Covid-19.
  • Maintain enough distance with every person you interact. Covid spreads through respiratory droplets and that is the prime reason why maintaining a safe distance while talking to somebody is necessary.
  • Wash your hands with any liquid hand-wash before you eat anything as this can easily be considered as the safest option.
  • Most of all, using a mask is mandatorily necessary. Wearing a mask is the safest option as it will protect your mouth and nose from getting in touch with the respiratory droplets releasing from the nose or mouth of any infected person.

The days of the festival may turn more colourful if all the precautionary measures can be taken in a proper manner. Enjoying is necessary, but not more than taking care of your health. However, never ignore if you are having fever or cough. Get connected to your local healthcare service provider to get a proper diagnosis and treatment or to fetch more necessary information in this regard.

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