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Sep 2022

Do’s and Don'ts before going for a blood test

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Sep 03, 2022

Typically, doctors suggest blood tests to detect probable health deficiencies and disorders. But, we all have certain queries regarding these blood tests. Whether you can eat or not before the test? Do all blood tests require fasting? What would be the ideal time to get a blood test? and what are the preparations that you need before the blood tests? Those are all the questions that most of us are concerned about.

But, first let's talk about what are the functions of blood tests? They are one of a kind of lab test, which requires a sample of your blood. A lab professional will collect the blood sample, and then the blood sample will be examined by professionals. The uses of blood tests are:

  • Aids in diagnosing minor to serious health complications
  • Aids in detecting the health complication at the early stage
  • Aids in monitoring the health of vital internal organs including heart, kidney and liver
  • Helps in monitoring such acute conditions including diabetes and high cholesterol
  • Helps the doctors to determine the suitable treatment for the condition
  • Helps in examining the fruitfulness of the online treatment

Here are some do’s and don'ts which will help you, if you are planning to go for a blood test.

The Do’s before the blood test:

  • Tell your doctor about the medicines you are taking
  • Follow your doctor’s provided instructions in case you on your menstrual cycle
  • Get enough sleep the night before the blood test
  • Keep yourself well hydrated
  • Get relaxed 15 minutes before the blood test

The Don’ts before the blood test:

  • With certain blood tests you are required to fast for at least 8 to 12 hours, only water is allowed
  • Avoid eating fatty fast foods for 1 to 2 days before the blood test
  • Try no do heavy exercise regime the day before the blood test
  • Do not consume tobacco and alcohol at least 24 hours before blood test
  • Avoid the blood test after having physiotherapy, reflexotherapy, and massage therapy

Those are all the do’s and don'ts that you should know if you are planning to attempt a blood test. You can opt for a blood test at home as well, where a laboratory professional comes to your home to collect the blood sample.