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May 2022

Does Covid-19 cause brain damage?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 16, 2022

As we all know, the constant mutation of the deadly respiratory virus is still in rapid continuation and the new XE variant has already started to spread. Covid-19 is a disease that is caused by the deadly coronavirus which has already taken many lives all over the globe. At this very moment, you and your loved ones should go for a rt pcr test. Knowingly, rt pcr test cost is quite affordable.However, it is also being claimed that Covid-19 can also be the reason for brain damage. In other words, this deadly disease also has some neurological effects on the human mind too.

What kind of damage to the brain can be caused?

  • The virus can make the blood vessels break, which can be the reason for bleeding in the brain.
  • Covid-19 patients may also face abnormal blood clots in the body, which may also lead to stroke.
  • Covid-19 reduces the oxygen levels in the body, which can be the reason for hypoxic brain injury.

Symptoms of brain damage by Covid

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Behavioral change
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Confusion
  • Paralysis

If someone has faced a mild stroke, that can also be a major sign of brain damage caused by the Covid-19. This can easily be considered as the most mentionable reason why we all should keep taking each and every precautionary measures against the deadly respiratory disease named Covid-19. Wear your mask every time you step out of your home and wash your hands every time you come back. Find a rt pcr test near me or covid test near me to get your test done. Consult a pathology lab immediately if you suspect that you are already infected.