Feb 2021

Do you need a thyroid test?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Feb 15, 2021

The thyroid hormone in our body plays so many important roles that most of us are not aware of. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland that is located around our neck from where this specific type of hormone is released. Several functionalities of the human body are controlled by the thyroid hormone and any imbalance of thyroid hormone in the body may give birth to so many physical complexions. From body temperature to heart rate and mood, everything is generally controlled by the thyroid hormone of our body. This is why staying up to date about the condition of thyroid hormone functionalities is hugely necessary. Two of the majorly known thyroid disorders are hyperthyroidism and hyperthyroidism that are well known for causing so many serious physical issues. This is the reason why a thyroid function test is necessary for all those who are suspecting that they may have thyroid disorders.

Fatigue headache, dry skin, wet hands etc are some of the most mentionable symptoms of thyroid disorders. It is always suggested to seek medical attention immediately if any of these symptoms start to get visible in you. However, sometimes our daily diet and some lifestyle habits can also be the reason for thyroid disorders. Many of us are still not aware about the functionalities of thyroid hormone. A brief on that is given below for you.

What is the function of thyroid hormone?

Communicating with the other organs is the prime job of thyroid hormone. Secondly, our pituitary gland also communicates with the thyroid gland in case it is sensed by the brain that the hormonal levels are turning slow. Then the gland releases TSH that plays a role to help to coax the thyroid hormone into action. There are uncountable such functionalities that most of the people are still not aware of. In some specific cases, sometimes the T4 gets converted into T3 to satisfy some purposes regarding body functionalities.

why you may need a thyroid test

Firstly, a test is needed to be sure about the presence of disorder in case the symptoms of hormonal abnormalities start to get visible. Aged people who still have not been tested are in a higher risk of having thyroid disorders. However, women of any age are more likely to face all types of thyroid disorders rather than men. According to the doctors, it is necessary for the asymptomatic people to go for a thyroid test who are at a high risk of growing thyroid disorders because of family history of thyroid diseases or any other reason. If the test results show that your T4 level is low, then a thyroid hormone replacement can be beneficial for you. To be noted, low thyroid hormone levels may be the reason for high cholesterol. Subclinical hypothyroidism should be treated with synthetic thyroid hormone because it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases too. Get connected to a reliable diagnostic centre today for a thyroid test or to fetch more necessary information in this regard.