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Sep 2020

Difference between food allergy and food intolerance

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Sep 25, 2020

As a matter of fact, food allergy and food intolerance both can be extremely harmful and can even turn incurable after a certain stage. There are still so many people who are allergic to a certain number of foods. To determine you have food allergies or not, get a food intolerance profile. However, a huge percentage of common people are still not aware of the differences between food allergies and food intolerance. Although both of these are a bit close, still there are certain differences. Some of the major differences between food intolerance and food allergy are mentioned below for you.

6 basic differences between food intolerance and food allergy

  • As per information collected, certain kinds of food allergies can even turn fatal. However, food intolerances are not life threatening so far.
  • This one can easily be considered as one of the most mentionable differences between these two. Although it is very natural for a human body to react to certain kinds of foods, Body reacts to particular foods mostly because of food intolerance rather than a food allergy.
  • A food intolerance may happen just because of having difficulties in digesting certain kinds of foods. However, a food allergy also happens if the natural immune system of our body accepts the food as an invader. At that time, it automatically shows a defensive behavior to that particular food.
  • The basic symptoms of food intolerance generally remain less serious. On the other hand, a food allergy may even cause symptoms that may hugely affect several organs of a human body.
  • In case of food intolerance, you will still be allowed to eat a certain amount of that offended food. In case of allergy, the offended food item should strictly be discarded otherwise it may be the reason for so many kinds of physical complexions.
  • Patients with food allergy are often recommended to carry an emergency epinephrine shot with them for the purpose of self-treatment. On the other hand, necessary steps are taken to aid the digestive system in case of food intolerance.

Any disease may turn very harmful at the final stage. Most of the time, it becomes harder for us to detect the disease at the beginning stage as not all of us are well aware of the signs and symptoms of it. As per information collected, bloating, runny nose, cough, migraine, stomach ache etc are some of the major symptoms of food intolerance. On the other hand, a tingling feel in the mouth, hives, wheezing etc are known as some of the most common symptoms of food allergy. However, never make a regrettable decision of ignoring any of the above mentioned symptoms. Go for a food intolerance test as soon as possible if you notice any of these symptoms in you or any of your loved ones.

To be mentioned once again, both food intolerance and food allergy may turn very serious if not detected or treated on time in a proper manner. This can be considered as the prime reason why so many people who are allergic to particular foods have shown their keenness to go for a test as it is necessary to have a bird’s eye view of their exact physical condition. Fortunately, the thyrocare food intolerance profile test is available all over the country, even at your doorstep.