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Jun 2020

Difference between Covid-19 antibody test and diagnostic tests

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jun 26, 2020

The name Covid-19 is no less than a terror nowadays as this disease has already claimed a gigantic number of lives in several corners of the world. Unfortunately, no antidotes have been discovered yet that can provide a complete cure for this disease or prevent the comeback of this disease. There lies the necessity of a Covid-19 test.

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A brief about antibody testing

As a matter of fact, covid antibody test are done once a person defeats Covid-19 completely. This is a well-known fact that the immune system of our body pro-actively generates this antibody to fight Covid-19. Firstly, the pathologists collect the blood sample from the vein of the patient or by using a finger prick. Once done, then the sample is examined in a proper manner to determine that you have developed antibodies against the virus or not.

If the test results indicate the presence of antibodies in you, then it becomes easier to assume that possibly you were infected by Covid-19 before and you had an immune system strong enough to defeat it. However, WHO haven’t approved this fact yet that the presence of antibodies proves that you can’t get reinfected. According to the specialists, the test timings may also affect the test result. For example, testing too early may detect zero amount of antibodies as our body requires a certain time to prepare the antibodies. Knowingly, people who have survived Covid-19 can donate plasma and help another person fight this disease.

Tests that are required to diagnose Covid-19

  • Molecular test: A technique named polymerase chain reaction is used to detect the genetic materials of Coronavirus. Firstly, a certain kind of fluid is collected from the throat swab or saliva of the patient. Then the sample is sent in the lab for testing.
  • Antigen test: This test is run to detect the presence of certain kinds of proteins that are known as a part of the virus. Just like a molecular test, fluid samples are collected from the throat swab or nasal. But this process is faster than molecular tests and also less expensive. However, there remains a chance of false negative results in this test.

This is how corona antibody test and Covid-19 diagnostic tests are completely different. A covid antibody test is mainly performed on any individual to determine that the person is having or had Covid-19 in the past or the person is having antibodies that can fight Covid-19 or not. On the other hand, a diagnostic test just detects the presence of Covid-19.

However, all these tests are of no worth if you do not make a wise decision of staying away from the risk factors of Covid-19. In case you have noticed any of the symptoms of Covid-19 in you or your loved ones, inform your local healthcare service provider.