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Dec 2022

Crucial and lesser known facts about My genetic tests

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Dec 09, 2022

DNA test is currently one of the most advanced disease detecting technologies. Since the beginning, so many evolutions have taken place in the procedure of DNA tests just because of the aggressive development in medical science. As a matter of fact, the DNA testing process is now being used for the purpose of targeting medical responses for different conditions.

There are still a huge number of people who do not have much idea about DNA testing and its uses. A few lesser known facts about DNA testing are mentioned below for you.

4 mentionable facts about DNA testing

  • DNA testing can help you know more about your family history of diseases.
  • DNA testing facilities come with medical insurance plans.
  • The career of a genetic disease may seem healthy but still carry the seed of the disease to the next generation, so going for a DNA test as a career screening process is still the wisest option.
  • The test can be performed on both saliva and blood to screen for genetic diseases like cancer that can ruin an entire family.

There are several advanced IT enabled laboratories now that are providing genetic testing facilities for a very reasonable price. Most of these pathology labs are also providing the benefit of online booking. Get in touch with one of them today to know more.