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Mar 2021

Covid-19 a year later : What have we learnt?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Mar 24, 2021

The biggest terror has finally come to an end. The greatest pandemic of all time that has claimed uncountable innocent lives has finally got defeated by mankind. The vaccines are now available in all corners of the planet and we have finally become able to defeat the largest terror of all time. Although this is one of the most amazing news of all time, we must note the things we have learned so far. A long period in lockdown including the fear of dying painfully, indeed, so many lessons have been there to let our lifestyle turn more secured and scheduled.

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You may call this a lesson, but washing hands after coming back from the outside has always been a good habit which has always been ignored by so many of us. In other words, the terror of Covid-19 has played a key role to make all of us have this habit and it can be massively beneficial. Even if coronavirus is gone forever from the planet, this healthy habit will help us stay away from so many types of diseases that may turn harmful or even incurable after a certain point of time.

We have come too far. We have learnt to deal with global crises, with a lifestyle where it requires to get locked in a room for too long or isolated crowds where every face is hidden under a mask. Things to be noted, unknowingly we have hugely decreased the pollution level and played a key role to heal the earth like never before. As a lesson, so many of us have already learnt how to deal with the planet and keep it just the way it is. On the other hand, all of us got united to fight this deadly disease when all of us have been divided and separated from each other based on the matters regarding caste, intercontinental rivalry etc. Such lessons should never be forgotten, otherwise these may lead us towards bigger troubles.

To be mentioned once again, things we have learned from the pandemic should certainly be treated as lessons. Togetherness is always the biggest weapon, but we must also learn when to get separated as togetherness is the thing that boosts the level of transmission. We fought this pandemic together and this is the biggest evidence that togetherness can help us defeat even bigger monsters. Vaccination facilities have arrived, still the risk has remained the same because of the introduction of some new strains of this virus. Better if we keep ourselves prepared to stay away from many such risks and welcome a better future with a bigger assurance of safety and a healthier life.

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