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May 2022

Corona 4th wave : Know about the symptoms to notice in your children

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on May 06, 2022

Already the world has seen the most terrific faces of the deadly coronavirus and the number of lives lost during the dark hours of the pandemic is apparently uncountable. As we all know, the virus is expert in changing its form rapidly and this is the reason why the world already had to face so many strains of it. The most concerning matter at this very moment is, the 4th wave is knocking at the door that may end up being one of the biggest threats to all of us.At this moment, only a rt pcr test will help you to determine whether you are infected or not.

The spread of this deadly disease among children comes first in the list of the most concerning matters right now. A significant number of school students have been reportedly found so far who got in touch with this virus, which may end up being very serious for each of them. A brief on the symptoms that may get visible in the infected children are evaluated below so that the parents may take necessary steps at the very beginning stage.

Mild symptoms in Children

As per information fetched, there remains no need to panic much if mild symptoms are getting visible in your child. Reportedly, a certain number of students who are physically attending classes have caught the disease. However, in case mild symptoms have become visible in your child, the risk level is very low and recovery is possible if you seek medical attention on time. Medical experts are suggesting to keep an eye on the children and to seek medical attention immediately if symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea or stomach pain takes place.

Apart from all these, runny nose, dry cough, fever, throat ache etc have always been some of the most common symptoms of Covid-19, which can also be seen in your child if your child is infected. This is one of the prime reason why taking all the precautionary measures is still as necessary as how it used to be. To be mentioned once again, do not panic if you suspect that your child is infected, just find a rt pcr test near me or covid test near me to test your child.