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Feb 2022

Can an RT-PCR test detect the omicron strain?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Feb 03, 2022

The omicron strain is already spreading hugely and already a gigantic number of people have got infected. As a matter of fact, the omicron strain has already spreaded in several corners of the world and this is the major reason why the concerns of common people are hugely increasing day by day.the world is understanding the values of the  rt pcr test even more.

What is an RT PCR test?

RT PCr is known as a specific kind of test that has always been well reputed for being a very useful test to determine the presence of the deadly respiratory disease in the body. This is the major reason why the demand and popularity of this test has increased a lot in several corners of the world. In this molecular test, nasal swab is collected and the test is performed on that collected sample.

Can RT-PCR detect omicrons?

As per information collected and verified, the ability of the RT-PCR test kit depends on the primer. Sadly, we still don’t know much about the primer details of the greater percentage of the kits that are being used. However, RT-PCR is still the most trustworthy and effective way to determine the presence of Covid-19 in a person’s body. Each and every of us must keep in mind that Omicron is not the only variant of SARS-COV-2, so many other almost similar variants can similarly behave, which can make it harder to detect the exact category of them.

It can be said easily that it won’t be a good idea to lose faith in the RT-PCR test as this is the easiest way so far to detect the virus in a person’s body. On the other hand, the result accuracy of RT-PCR tests have also been high since the beginning. If you are suspecting that some of the major symptoms of Covid-19 are getting visible in you, then don’t think twice just go find a rt pcr test near me or covid test near me to get the test.