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Jan 2022

Can a booster dose protect against Omicron?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jan 27, 2022

As we all know, the deadly rampage of the coronavirus is still increasing day by day in several corners of the world. The most fearful thing at this moment is the constant mutation of the virus, which has already put a big question mark on the safety of all of us. Omicron is the latest variant of this deadly virus and so many people have already got infected.

It is certainly good news that most of us have already got vaccinated. However, so many people have already caught the disease once again even after getting vaccinated, which is actively increasing the concerns of common people. This is the major reason why a certain number of countries have already started to provide the booster shot to common people. As a matter of fact, a person can only receive the booster shot once the two doses of vaccination are completed.

What is a booster dose?

A booster dose is actually another additional dose of the vaccine that induces the body to think that it is facing the virus once again. In other words, this is an effective trick of calling all the antibodies and protective cells once again to get prepared to fight again. The quality and quantity of the antibodies that are present in our body can be increased through this way and we will get a better immune response if we get infected once again.

Can the booster protect us from the omicron variant?

Studies say, the booster doses can be beneficial for fighting against Omicron. The dose can effectively increase antibodies against the Omicron variant as well as the pre-existing delta variant. However, according to the opinions of so many scientists, more real-world-data is required to be sure and determine how effective exactly the booster dose is against the new omicron variant. Knowingly, an rt pcr test can help you get the presence of the virus detected. As a matter of fact, rt pcr test cost is not so high these days.

No matter it is the omicron or the delta variant, both can cause serious damage to your respiratory system and make you face so many critical physical issues. This is the reason why so many countries all over the globe have already started providing the booster dose to common people. You may get in touch with a certified doctor to fetch more necessary information in this regard.