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Jan 2023

Breathing problems : The causes and remedies you must know

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jan 22, 2023

Breathing issues have become very much common these days. All of us have faced the dark face of pandemic as well as the attack of the deadly coronavirus and so many of us caught the deadly respiratory infection named Covid-19. Breathing problems are known as one of the most common symptoms of covid-19, however, there are certain other factors that may cause breathing trouble.

Just taking care of the breathing problem when it arrives is not enough to permanently get rid of it. Although a pollution impact package can help to detect the problem if the problem has taken place because of pollution, it is necessary to have sound knowledge about the causes of breathing problems or the factors that are the reason for respiratory problems. This is how you can take necessary steps to stay away from all those. Some major causes of breathing problems as well as a few remedies for it are mentioned below.

Causes of breathing problem

  • Air pollution is a major cause of breathing problem
  • Smoking is one of the prime factors that may lead to breathing problems
  • Dust and Dirt in your surrounding can cause breathing issues
  • If you are suffering from obesity then you have a higher risk of having breathing issues
  • Anxiety can also be a passive reason for breathing issues
  • Allergy can also be the reason for breathing complexions.

As a matter of fact, underlying health conditions like lung cancer, Asthma etc can cause critical breathing issues that may turn fatal. Apart from that, Anemia and abnormal functionalities of the heart may also be the reason for life threatening breathing issues. Let’s take a glance at some effective remedies for it.

Remedies for breathing problems

  • Get in touch with a doctor at the first sign of trouble to get medications like antacids, inhalers or any other if needed.
  • Practice deep breathing exercises as that can help you make your lungs more non-vulnerable.
  • Inhaling steam can also help to deal with your breathing problems.
  • Avoid unhealthy habits like smoking to avoid critical breathing issues.
  • Try to be around the areas that are less polluted and contain greeneries and waterside.

Breathing issues may take place for so many different reasons, so it’s necessary to find the root cause before taking medical actions. You may also go for a lung function test or have a brief consultation with the experienced pathologists to get your breathing issues fixed with complete assurance of safety and no side effects. After all, it won’t be a good decision to leave your breathing problems untreated. The wisest step is to book a pollution impact package and take medical actions according to the test result.