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Aug 2021

Basic precautions to stay healthy during monsoon

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Aug 28, 2021

There are so many of us who consider the monsoon as a blessing after the scorching heat of summer. It feels better to have timeless moments of enjoyment beside the window when it’s raining. However, there are so many potential threats that many of us still don’t know about. This is the major reason why staying healthy during the monsoon has always been one of the biggest challenges for so many people.

However, most of these diseases may turn very serious within a very short span of time. As a matter of fact, critical diseases like Dengue and Malaria may also take place during monsoon just because the rampage of the mosquitoes increases highly during these seasons. Apart from that, common cold and flu including fever may also occur and make you fall sick like never before. This is the major reason why it is necessary to know about the precautionary measures that can be taken to stay healthy during monsoon. Some of such important precautionary measures are mentioned below for you.

7 Precautions to be taken in Monsoon

  • Always try to drink clean water. It is recommended to consume filtered water always during monsoon.
  • Avoid all types of junk and street food as that can be the reason for indigestion and acidity.
  • Take every necessary step to stay away from mosquitoes. Use mosquito nets and use the sprays around your house to reduce the rampage of the mosquitoes.
  • Probiotics like yogurts and fresh vegetables must be consumed in a sufficient amount during the monsoon to stay healthy.
  • Stay away from the raindrops as much as possible as that can be the reason for cold and flu.
  • Orange Mosambi etc are some of the most mentionable immune boosting fruits. Consume both of these as much as possible to stay safe during monsoon.
  • Never be ignorant to the prescribed diagnostic tests during monsoon because even the silliest fever can be the symptom of any massively critical disease.

Monsoon can be magical if it becomes possible to stay safe. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe during monsoon by staying alert always and following all the above mentioned tricks. Get in touch with a certified doctor today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.