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Jan 2022

Bad effects of staying physically inactive

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jan 11, 2022

In order to keep yourself healthy and fit, the importance of physical activity is innumerable. Staying physically active may prevent us from getting so many severe health conditions, this keeps the heart healthy, manages high blood pressure, reduces the risk of obesity and many others. However, being physically inactive can invite many severe health conditions including cancers and stroke. Here are some negative effects of being inactive are discussed below.

6 Effects of physical inactivity

  • Increased risk of cancers: If you are consuming junk food, but you are not burning those calories with proper exercises may invite many severe health diseases including obesity, lung cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, bowel cancer and others.
  • High risks of getting a stroke: Physical exercises help to lower the high blood pressure and boost metabolism, this brings down the risk of having a stroke. On the other hand, being inactive apparently increases the risk of having a stroke.
  • Heightens the blood sugar level: Even if you are at a healthy weight, lack of physical activity may raise the blood sugar level. It is important to maintain the blood sugar level by doing minimal regular exercise.
  • Increased risk of developing sleeping disorder: Physical inactivity affects your sleeping pattern badly. You may experience sleepiness during the day and may stay awake during the night. Later, this can turn into sleeping disorders like insomnia.
  • Early signs of aging: Researchers have found that inactivity in daily life can invite early signs of ageing. However, this does not indicate that doing daily exercise will work like magic, but it can definitely slow down the aging procedure.
  • Decrease sexual desire: Some studies have shown that people who are physically inactive, they are also experiencing low sexual drive. Inactivity causes decreased sperm count in men.

Apart from all these, physical inactivity highly affects your mental health also. Inactivity takes a huge place in your mood swings. Thus, it is essential to do daily physical activity. Regular exercise does not mean proper weight training or core training, you can just get started with walking 30 minutes each day. This will not only prevent any health diseases but will help in maintaining your mental health and mental peace.