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Mar 2021

Are the newly introduced Covid vaccines safe?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Mar 26, 2021

After the largest biological disaster named Covid-19 took uncountable innocent lives all over the planet, the world has finally come to a solution. The constant struggle of medical experts and researchers have finally discovered a way to stay away from this deadly respiratory disease. Yes, the vaccines have finally been introduced and most of the vaccines are currently available in global markets and people are being able to purchase these vaccines for the cheapest possible cost. As a matter of fact, the vaccination facilities are available in India also as well as the other countries.

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Although the success rate is a bit satisfactory in most of the cases, there are so many occurring questions in this regard. The most common one among them is that the vaccine should be taken or not. Just to mention as a brief, a vaccine is nothing more than a biological preparation to be injected in the body for the purpose of fighting quickly spreading viruses. However, these factors don't really define whether you should be taking the vaccine or not.

The effectiveness of a vaccine is determined by the protection you get from it to stand against any trespassing virus. One thing that every individual must keep in mind is that no vaccine is 100% effective to provide complete cure. Our body immunity is still the king as there are many known cases where some of us have been able to defeat coronavirus by their natural immune system only. As per information fetched, the success rate for Covishield is approximately 70%. You may consume any of Covishield or Covaccine as that is definitely a better option than catching Covid-19, but the need of taking precautions is still the same. Specifically, people with any immune disorder or highly weakened immune system should instantly go for a vaccine. There are certain myths about the side effects of these vaccines too, however, you can get all your doubts cleared from any certified medical expert.

Get vaccinated as this is the final solution we have reached so far. The finishing line is, whether you are vaccinated or not, kindly continue taking all the precautionary measures like wearing masks and washing hands.

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