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Jan 2021

Are face masks enough to give protection?

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jan 01, 2021

The use of face masks is known to almost every person of this world at this very moment. The appearance of the coronavirus is the prime reason behind the global use of masks and sanitizers as those are necessary to stay away from the harmful effects of this virus. It can easily be said that face masks have already become one of the everyday essentials. It is also recommended to wear a face mask if a person wants to step outside in the concerning hours of Pandemic.

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As per information fetched and verified, face masks reduce the chances of getting infected upto seventy percent and this is the prime reason why every person should wear a face mask. There are certain kinds of face masks, some of them are named below for you.

Face mask types

  • Surgical masks: merely known for filtering big particles, surgical masks are being widely used now. However, it can not provide you complete protection in some cases as it contains only one or two layers.
  • N95: These types of masks are known as the most effective ones to prevent the transmission of Covid. It comes with in-built vulves and multiple protective layers that provides complete protection from germs, viruses and dust particles.
  • Cotton masks: Although not as good as N95, cotton masks are undoubtedly a better option than surgical masks and it provides better quality of protection. So many people are also choosing cotton masks these days.

What to remember every time you use masks

  • Sanitize your hands in a proper manner before even touching the mask.
  • Do not wear the mask for too long. It may cause long term breathing issues.
  • When wearing masks and roaming outside, try not to touch the mask most of the time.
  • Masks must be placed in a manner that covers both mouth and nose.
  • In case of reusable masks, wash it with soap in a proper manner every time after coming back.

Make sure that the mask you purchase fits in your face properly. To be mentioned again, wearing a mask highly reduces the chances of transmission. Get in touch with a medical expert to fetch more necessary information in this regard.

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