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Jun 2021

All your questions answered about the India’s Covid-19 vaccines

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jun 30, 2021

We have finally come to a solution and the concerns of millions of people have finally come to an end. Yes, the deadly respiratory disease Covid-19 can be defeated now and this can be considered as one of the most precious news at this very moment. Knowingly, 16.25 crore vaccines have been administered, which has already been beneficial to many of us. However, not all of us know much about the vaccine. All the answers and doubts of all your questions about the vaccine are clarified below.

How long should you wait between the two vaccine doses?

The health ministry recommends a gap of four to eight weeks between the two shots of the Covishield vaccine. On the other hand, it is recommended to wait four to six weeks for the next dose of Covaxin after getting the first dose.

Will you be able to choose which vaccine you will receive?

Not really. The vaccines are generally provided depending on its availability and its supply to individual states.

Should a person who is growing symptoms of Covid-19 be vaccinated?

It is recommended by the Health Ministry to wait at least 14 days after the growing symptoms are resolved.

How long after testing positive for Covid-19 can you get vaccinated?

Health officials are recommending to get both of the Covid-19 vaccine doses even after getting infected for the purpose of building up a stronger immune system. The health ministry also states that the Covid-19 patients should have an waiting period of 4 to 8 weeks after recovering to receive the first vaccine dose.

Can people taking medication for illnesses like cancer, diabetes or hypertension take the vaccine?

People with cancer, hypertension or diabetes can take the vaccine but it is also recommended to have a brief consultation with medical experts.

Will the vaccine protect you from the mutant strains of the novel coronavirus?

As per the information fetched from the researches, the vaccines will be protecting you from the mutant strains of this virus too.

Why is not the vaccine being provided to children?

As a matter of fact, the mortality rate of adults and aged people is higher than the children. This is the reason why adults, mainly people above the age of 50, are being prioritized more than the children. However, children above the age of 16 are being considered eligible to get the vaccine in the USA.

Should you avoid alcohol after getting the vaccine?

As there is no concrete evidence of the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines being impaired by alcohol, there remains no need of staying away from drinking after receiving the doses.Alcohol will not be turning the vaccine ineffective.

Can breastfeeding mothers take the vaccine?

As per the given guidelines of the Ministry of Health, lactating and breastfeeding mothers are exempt from getting the Covid-19 vaccine as the pregnant and lactating women have not been included in the chemical trials of the vaccines when the effectiveness was being tested.