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Mar 2021

All you need to know about Covid-19 vaccinations in India

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Mar 17, 2021

This is undoubtedly the biggest pride so far that the vaccination of Covid-19 has been started from no other country but India. In 2021, the entire nation has come to a solution of the largest ever pandemic that has already claimed uncountable lives all over the globe. This much-awaited vaccine has already played a key role to reduce the concerns regarding the deadly coronavirus. However, there are still so many doubts and questionings about the effectiveness, preparation or utility of this vaccine. Maybe this article can help to decode some of those.

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  • How exactly the vaccine works: It is a known fact that the virus can be defeated only if the natural immune system turns protective enough to fight the virus. This is exactly what this vaccine does. It helps the body prepare effective antibodies that can terminate the virus.
  • Which one is better? The vaccine or our natural immune system?: Although a bit confusing question but quite easier to answer. The natural immune system comes first to defeat the virus and the vaccine provokes our body to recognize the virus and prepare antibodies for that. In other words, it trains the body to recognize the virus so that your body can easily prepare antibodies for that. As a result of that, there remains no chances to get worried if you get infected sooner or later because your body has already recognized the virus and can easily defect it.
  • What are the types of this vaccine that are available? : Pfizer, Moderna INC, Oxford-Astrazeneca, Sputnik V including the Covishield and Covaxin are some types of antidotes of this deadly disease.
  • The vaccine technology: Moderna and Pfizer is mRNA vaccines and Covaxin is merely an inactivated virus vaccine. On the other hand, Covishield is known for using a viral vector. Knowingly, mRNA vaccine makes the body produce a harmless kind of vaccine and it is the same kind of vaccine that is found on the surface of the virus. On the other hand, the viral vector is known for using a harmless kind of genetically modified virus that fuels the antibody production against covid-19. Apart from that, the inactivated virus technology is known for containing a killed virus, which plays the lead role to evoke the antibody presence in the body and strengthens the immune system.
  • Covid-19 vaccine efficacy:
    Pfizer : 95%
    Moderna : 94.1%
    Oxford Vaccine : 62%
  • Covid-119 vaccine storage: the Pfizer vaccine must be stored -94 degree fahrenheit. On the other hand, the Oxford Vaccine can be stored at a temperature of 2-8 degree celsius.
  • Price of the vaccine: the price range is hugely variable as each vaccine costs different. However, Pfizer and Moderna cost more than the oxford vaccine. However, it is definitely something to take pride that the vaccination facilities are available for free of cost in India.

As a matter of fact, some vaccinations have also caused mild physical complexions after being applied, so it is also necessary to stay careful while going for vaccinations. Get in touch with a certified doctor or any medical expert today to get complete guidance regarding the vaccinations or to fetch more necessary information in this regard.

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