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Sep 2020

Diagnosis and treatment of food allergy

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Sep 13, 2020

According to the medical experts, food allergy can be considered as one of the most common disorders. Unfortunately, food allergies are known for turning serious or even incurable if not detected or treated on time. Here the importance of the food intolerance test is undeniable.Treatment for food allergies are available, however, a proper diagnosis is needed before that. A number of factors are considered by medical experts during a diagnosis. Some of those factors are mentioned below.

Diagnosis of food allergy

  • Symptoms: Firstly, the doctor asks for a detailed description of the symptoms from the patient.
  • History: Information regarding the family history of the patient is fetched to know if the patient is having a family history of food allergies.
  • Physical examination: A physical examination is run to determine the presence of the food allergy or to identify other medical issues.
  • Skin test: This is hugely necessary to diagnose food allergy as it helps to detect the reaction of an individual to any specific food. For this test, a very little amount of substances are collected from the skin.
  • Blood test: A food intolerance profile test is also very necessary for measuring the response of the immune system to specific types of foods.
  • Elimination diet: Doctors suggest eliminating some suspicious food items and check if it is turning you towards the path of recovery or not.
  • Oral food: In this test, some food items that are suspected to be the reason behind the allergy are given to the patient.

Treatment of food allergy

  • For minor allergic reaction: Prescribed antihistamine are mandatory to get complete cure. Generally, such kinds of drugs are recommended to be consumed after the intake of suspected food items.
  • For major allergic reaction: Firstly, an epinephrine injection is given to the patient. People with serious allergic reactions are often recommended to carry an epinephrine auto injector as they may feel the need for it at any point of time.

To be mentioned again, ignoring the symptoms of food allergies may cause serious physical complexions after a certain point of time. Get a thyrocare food intolerance profile now to get tested.