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Feb 2022

A brief on Neo Cov : The newest face of coronavirus

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Feb 09, 2022

It has always been a known fact that the frequent mutation of coronavirus has always been a prime concern for common people as well as the medical experts all over the world. Just because of this rapid mutation, so many strains like the delta or the omicron variant have shown faces. As per information fetched and verified, the most transmissible variant of coronavirus is omicron which has already spreaded in several corners of the world. Unfortunately, the world is about to face the Neocov, which is going to be no less than a nightmare.

There are warnings of this newly found virus and it is being suspected that this is potentially deadlier than Covid-19. The virus named Neocov is hugely transmissible and reportedly more lethal. Wuhan scientists have already warned the entire world about this before it takes a bigger shape and turns serious enough to be considered as the next pandemic.At this very moment, a rt pcr test will help you to know if the virus is present in your body.

How much do we know so far?

Neocov is carrying two characteristics that can be no less than a undeniable terror if it starts to spread among human hosts. As we all know, it does not take much time for any type of virus to start spreading communally, which can affect a person even if the person has not been in touch with anybody. In a word, this new type of coronavirus can be more harmful than all the previous categories of coronavirus and deadly too.

The newest category can carry a higher mortality rate, which is the most terrifying fact at this very moment to common people as well as the medical experts all over the globe. A few facts on Neocov is given below for you which can help you know the virus even better.

  • Firstly, Neocov was found among the bat population of South Africa.
  • It will take only one mutation for this virus to become capable of infecting humans.
  • To be mentioned, this virus is deadlier than all the other formations of Covid-19.
  • Just because of the unique binding pattern of the virus, any human host will totally remain defenceless.

Although we still don’t know much about this, however, the danger is not much away from us. To be mentioned once again, it will just take one mutation for this virus to earn the capability of being transmitted to human hosts. Already the delta strain has caused a lot of destructions to mankind as well as the omicron variant. All we can do from our end is to take all the precautionary measures even more strictly and stay at home if our business is not vitally important.Find a rt pcr test near me or covid test near me to test yourself.