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Jul 2021

A Brief on Covid-19 Neutralizing antibody rapid test and the use of it

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jul 20, 2021

We all know how terrific the deadly disease Covid-19 has turned and how dangerous it can be. There was a time when only the people with a strong immune system were able to survive from the deadly attacks of Covid-19. However, the scenario started to change soon after some of the most effective vaccines were introduced such as Covishield, Covaxin etc. Among so many other tests, the necessity of Covid-19 neutralizing antibody rapid tests is undeniable, although a lot of people still do not have sound knowledge about it. This is a newly introduced but highly trustworthy and useful test that you must go for. To be mentioned, this test is totally different from diagnostic tests of Covid-19. Let this article help you get complete details about the test.

What are neutralizing antibodies?

Neutralizing antibodies are naturally produced by the immune system of our body soon after a person is vaccinated. Once the vaccination is done, the neutralizing antibodies start to get generated within a certain span of time to fight the deadly disease Covid-19. As a matter of fact, IgG antibodies are known as one of the most common antibodies in the blood that play a lead role to fight bacterias and viruses. IgG Neutralizing antibodies are known for targeting the spike protein of SARS-COV-2 and blows a deal on the virus’s ability to enter human cells.

What is a Covid-19 Neutralizing antibody rapid test?

The neutralizing antibody test is performed to determine the presence of IgG antibodies to the spike protein of SARS-COV-2. In other words, the test is performed to detect antibodies in a person’s body after the person is vaccinated. Without a neutralizing antibody test, it would be impossible to know if a person has generated antibodies that can block Covid-19 after the vaccination or not. This is the reason why Covid-19 neutralizing rapid antibody test is currently one of the most widely used tests now.

What are the benefits of a Covid-19 neutralizing antibody test?

  • It can help to determine the presence of antibodies in the blood after a person is vaccinated.
  • It can also help to gain information about the effectiveness of the vaccine on that particular person.
  • It is also used to monitor the response of the vaccine.

Generally, a human body takes approximately 30 days to naturally produce antibodies after the second dosage of vaccination. This is the reason why the test is performed after 30 days of vaccination. As a matter of fact, a positive result of a covid-19 neutralizing antibody rapid test means that your body has produced antibodies after the vaccination that can fight Covid-19.

More or less, the test is useful for each and every of us who have already been vaccinated for Covid-19. There are reasons why it is always suggested to go for this test soon after your vaccination is done. This is impossible for any of us to know the response of our body after the vaccination is done or if the antibodies are being produced in our body or not. Covid-19 can be deadly and this is why we all are getting vaccinated, but it is worthless to feel safe if you are not aware of the effectiveness of the vaccine on your body including the presence of those antibodies that can keep you away from the deadly attacks of SARS-COV-2. If you are already vaccinated, then consult a genuine and reliable pathology lab and go for a Covid-19 neutralizing antibody rapid test.