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Sep 2019

A brief about the importance of Lipid profile checkup

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Sep 16, 2019

Lipid profile test is important for people of any age. Lipid profile test is merely known as a combination of tests that are performed any risks of coronary heart diseases that can even turn fatal. It is required to analyze risk factors like diet, exercise, food habits, etc. According to the opinions of most of the certified doctors, skipping lipid profile check can passively increase the risks of so many types of physical complexions.

Tests that are included in a lipid profile check

  • High density lipoprotein cholesterol
  • Low density lipoprotein cholesterol
  • LDL / HDL ratio
  • Triglycerides
  • Very low density lipoprotein cholesterol

Reasons why lipid profile test is necessary

This is not possible for any of us to stay alert of all the symptoms of increasing blood cholesterol. However, Such elements may cause a huge harm to heart. There lies the importance of a lipid profile test. Nobody can detect the risk factors as quick as the certified specialists of ny genuine and reliable pathology lab.

Some of the risk factors that can make an affected person fall sick within the shortest possible span of time are,

  • Overweight
  • If you are 45 or above
  • Smoking
  • Avoidance of health-friendly diet
  • Zero amount of exercise or sitting idle for so long regularly
  • Any family history of heart diseases or any pre-existing heart disorder
  • Final or any upper stage of hypertension
  • Any type of Diabetes

This can easily be considered as one of the key reasons why skipping lipid profile tests can be hugely dangerous for any person of any age. Any such risk factors may occur anytime, which can only be detected by the certified doctors. A lipid profile test can help the certified doctors detect any such symptoms and find a perfect cure for your wellness.

Symptoms that lipid profile test helps to detect

Increasing amount of cholesterol in body can be detected through some specific symptoms. Some of them are,

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Extreme sweat
  • Indigestion and heart ache
  • Vomiting and epigastric discomfort
  • Hypertension
  • Upper back pain
  • Arm pain
  • Squeezing sensation in the chest

There are many such symptoms that are very hard to detect at the initial stage. This is the prime reason why a lipid profile check has always been a must for everyone. However, some preparations are required before going for a lipid profile test. Some of them are briefly evaluated below for you.

Preparations to be taken to go for lipid profile test

  • Empty stomach is a must to get accurate test results. Required samples must be collected after 12-14 hours of overnight status.
  • Only normal fluids like water is allowed to be consumed during the fasting period. Beverages like milk or tea should not be consumed during that period.
  • Getting involved in any kind of hardcore physical exercise is strictly firbidden before the test.
  • High fat food items also should be discarded the night before the test.
  • Alcohol consumption is not recommended at the night before the test.

As a matter of fact, there are still a gigantic number of people who are not well aware of the advantages of getting information about lipid profile. This can easily be considered as one of the key reasons why the number of people with high amount of cholesterol in the body are hugely increasing day by day. Now a day, the largest percentage of the certified doctors are suggesting to go for all such tests as that can passively help to stay away from so many kinds of physical complexions.

No mountain sized expenses are required to go for a lipid profile test. This is the key reason why you should always make a wise decision of staying in touch with the certified pathologists. Get in touch with any genuine and reliable diagnostic centre or pathology lab today to fetch more necessary information in this regard.