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Feb 2019

Best Pet CT Scan centres in Mumbai

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Feb 18, 2019

Pet CT Scan is actually the procedure of detecting any specific part of a human body where the cells are more active than normal. Most of the time, the use of Pet CT Scan can be seen to detect cancer and most of that kind of deadly diseases. Knowingly, the use of Pet CT Scan is aggressively increasing day by day in several parts of the planet.

Although Pet CT Scan is considered as one of the most advanced upgradation of medical technology, the charges are not unreachable yet. Usually, most of the genuine and reliable hospitals prefer to charge 11,000-25000 for a Pet Ct scan and the rate varies as per the quality of service.

Not only for cancer, making a wise decision of paying for Pet Ct Scan in Mumbai can help the doctors detect any deadly disease in your body that can even turn incurable if not treated on time in a proper manner. In other words, Pet Ct Scan is for those diseases that generate no symptoms at the initial stage.

Best Pet CT Scan Centres in Mumbai

Nueclear:This is also one of the most well-reputed healthcare points that has always successfully maintained a standard level of customer satisfaction. This organization have played a key role to make the advanced gadgets of Pet CT Scan available. Pet Ct Scan is done in Nueclear at only 9999 rupees.Click here to book full body PET CT Scan in Mumbai and get Rs. 1000 PayTM Cashback.

Tata Memorial Hospital: It is well-known to all that Tata is one of the most well-reputed brands of all time in India. They’ve also maintained their reputation in managing healthcare points too. Knowingly, this is one of the most advanced healthcare points, which is also connected to the research and education centre of Tata. The cost of Pet Ct Scan in Tata Memorial Hospital is 17000 rupees.

MPCT Hospital: This is a government undertaken healthcare point. Knowingly, It was established by the chief minister of Maharashtra in the year 2017 and is considered as one of the most advanced healthcare points ever. They are well known for providing service at a very reasonable cost. The Pet CT scan service worth 15000 rupees, is available MPCT hospital at 8000 rupees.

Bombay Hospital and Medical Research centre: This is the most well-known Pet CT Scan centre in Mumbai. As per information fetched and verified, this hospital was found in the year 1950 by R.D Birla. There are several departments in this healthcare points such as Neurology, Pet CT Scan, Urology etc. Knowingly, they charge only 22,000 rupees for Pet CT Scan.

Jaslok Hospital and research Centre: This hospital was established by the prime minister of india in 1973. This hospital is considered by many as the leading healthcare point for diagnostic and interventional radiology all over the continent. They are well known for skillful CT Scan and MRI. Knowingly, they charge 24,000 rupees for Pet Ct Scan.

Nanavati Super speciality hospital: This healthcare point has also successfully maintained a standard level of consumer satisfaction since the beginning. Since the year 2013, they have successfully implemented the cancer treatment facilities also. This hospital has white level Pet CT Scan facilities that they provide for only 13,900 and 19,350.

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital: This is also considered by many as one of the most advanced multispeciality hospitals. This is still considered as the biggest hospital in mumbai that was established in the year 2009. Knowingly, quality and safety has always been the prime concern for them. Knowingly, they charge only 10,500-25000 rupees to provide world-class Pet CT Scan services.

P53 Cancer Clinic: P53 cancer clinic is almost the only healthcare point in Navy Mumbai who are well reputed for providing world-class Pet CT Scan services. As per information fetched and verified, they are having 10+ years of experience in Oncology and breast surgery. Apart from that, they are also expert in treating neck cancer, stomach cancer etc. They provide Pet CT Scan services only for 10,000-25000 rupees.

Exo Path Labs: This is one of those diagnostic centres who are currently having the most advanced machines and equipments that are required for Pet CT Scan. Service quality has always been their prime focus and they have always shown great skill in brain and cardiac scanning also since the beginning.

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