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Feb 2019

Best Pet CT Scan centres in Bangalore

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Feb 18, 2019

Pet CT Scan is merely considered as the procedure of scanning and detecting a particular part of a human body where the cells are more active than normal. Presently this is known to almost everyone that the use of Pet CT Scan can mostly be noticed in case of detecting cancer and most of that kind of deadly diseases. It goes without saying that the use of Pet CT Scan is massively increasing day by day in several corners of the world.

Pet CT Scan in Bangalore is well reputed as one of the most mentionable upgradation of medical technology, though the charges are not unreachable yet. Now a day, the greater percentage of the genuine and reliable healthcare points usually charge 11,000 -25000 for a general Pet Ct scan. As per information fetched and verified, the cost varies as per the service quality and reputation of the healthcare. Staying away from the decision of avoiding Pet Ct Scan can help you get rid of several harmful diseases and can also help the certified doctors detect any deadly disease in your body. In brief, Pet Ct Scan is merely for those diseases that generate no symptoms at the beginning stage.

Nueclear: As well as Mumbai, Nueclear has also established a noble reputation in bangalore too by providing the best possible level of services. Nueclear is well known for both reliability and reasonability. Besides, they also suggest precautionary measures to be taken that can help the patients avoid potential physical issues. Nueclear charges around 12,000 rupees for Pet CT Scan. Click here to book full body PET CT Scan in Bangalore and get Rs. 1000 PayTM Cashback.

Medall - Clumax Diagnostics: As per information fetched and verified, Medall is one of those reputed healthcare points of Bangalore who care about the satisfaction of their valuable consumers even more than their profitability. Besides, Medall is known as the 4th largest diagnostic centre of the country. Although they mostly sell healthcare packages, they’re having highly advanced scanning equipments.

Apollo Hospitals: Not only in Bangalore, this brand has already been another name of trust and reliability. They have already brought countless patients back to life and have always maintained a standard level of consumer satisfaction as well as their competitors. Knowingly, Apollo is currently having the facilities of diagnosis and they charge 22,650 rupees for a full body CT Scan.

Focus Diagnostic Centre and Speciality Clinics: Focus is one of the most well-known brands for Pet Ct Scan in Bangalore that has provided the best possible level of service to uncountable consumers at the most reasonable cost. Knowingly, they are also having well-mannered maintenance facilities inside the healthcare premises. They charge around 11,000 for a whole body CT Scan and the other CT Scan rates are lower than this.

HCG Oncology: HealthCare Global, also known as HCG, is considered as one of the leading diagnostic centres in Bangalore of all time. One of the most mentionable specialities of this healthcare point is, they own some of the most advanced equipments that are required for scanning. As per information fetched and verified, HCG charges around 23,100 for a complete body scan.

MG Diagnostic Centre: MG Diagnostic centre is one of the most well-known healthcare points of the country and they have successfully grown a lot in Bangalore too. Knowingly, MG Diagnostic centre is one of the most highly equipped diagnostic centres and they have always managed to provide a satisfactory service to each and every of their valuable consumers. As per information fetched, MG Diagnostic centre charges 23,000 rupees for scanning.

New Medd Diagnostics: This can also be considered as one of the most brightly shining names in the list of diagnostic centres in Bangalore. They can provide completely error-free Pet CT Scan services within the shortest possible span of time as they own some of the most advanced and expensive equipments. Knowingly, they charge 23,800 rupees for scanning.

Sampige Onco Diagnostic centre: Sampige Onco Diagnostics Center can easily be considered as one of the most important and active diagnostic centres who provide each and every of their health check-up packages including Pet CT Scan at a very reasonable cost, which has always been beneficial for the common people. Knowingly, they charge 16,000-23,000 rupees for Pet CT Scan packages.

Vinodha Diagnostics: Not as famous as the gigantic ones, yet one of the most genuine and reliable diagnostic centres in bangalore who are well known for reasonability. Besides, they have maintained a positive reputation and competitive edges with other similar diagnostic centres for years. They charge around 25,000 rupees for a whole body scanning and 3000 rupees for the CT Scan of only brain.

Kanyashree Diagnostics: Knowingly, Kanyashree Diagnostics provides their packages at a lower cost than most of their competitors. Besides, they are currently having a well-maintained diagnostic centre with some of the most expensive and advanced equipments. They charge a very reasonable amount for Pet Ct scan packages.

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