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Mar 2019

7 things one must know before a blood test

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Mar 18, 2019

Blood test is undoubtedly one of those tests that can even be harmful because of even the silliest error. However, there are some specific factors that the people should always keep in mind who have already appeared for a blood test or keen to go for one. Any type of carelessness in this regard may lead one towards a bigger physical issue.

For example, if a pre-used syringe is applied to take blood samples, then it may passively play a key role to spread any harmful disease or sometimes any kind of infection. On the other hand, if a patient appears with an empty stomach, then the consumption of blood from his body may cause massive physical illness.

Following some specific dos and don’ts can help you stay away from several potential risks during a blood test. Some of them are briefly evaluated below for you:

  • You must not forget to get the complete detail of the pathology lab where you desire to think of visiting for a blood test. A worse pathology lab can eventually be harmful.
  • Make sure that the specialists are washing their hands properly and using a new pair of gloves before collecting your blood samples.
  • The most important thing to remember, the experts of a pathology lab should always use a new syringe to collect blood samples. Make sure that the syringe that is being used is a new one.
  • Proper labelling of the collected blood samples is also necessary to avoid unnecessary mixing of samples. However, this should be the concern of the pathologists.
  • Another thing to ensure is that the procedure is running in a proper manner or not. Antiseptics should be applied around the needle-wound in a circular manner and should be left to turn dry for approximately 30 seconds.
  • Make sure that the pathologists are using gauze or cotton at the punctured area. You may also ask the pathologists to apply a band-aid or tape at the needle-wound.
  • You must ensure that the pathologists are focusing upon a proper disposal of waste or not as that can passively be harmful for somebody else.

Now a day, a large number of pathological labs have already started to grow their branches in almost every city, which has passively turned so many types of tests easier. Consult your nearest pathology lab to go for a blood test or to fetch more necessary information in this regard.

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