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Jun 2023

7 science backed ways to speed up your metabolism rate

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jun 28, 2023

The term “metabolism” refers to the chemical processes that keep our bodies healthy and operative. There are multiple ways in which you can boost or improve your metabolism rate. All the best ways include simple alterations in your lifestyle and diet.

How does metabolism impact our health?

Our metabolism helps to convert nutrients into energy. Our body needs this energy to do basic tasks, which includes movement, breathing, food digestion, blood circulation and repair of cells or tissues.

The term “metabolism” also gives a description of your basal metabolic rate, which indicates the number of calories you are burning. The higher your metabolic rate is, the more calories you burn.

There are multiple factors that affect your metabolic rate, which includes your age, gender, diet, body weight, and health conditions. However, here are a few scientifically proven ways to improve your metabolic rate.

  • Drink plenty of water: Keeping our body well hydrated is extremely important for bodily functions. You should drink regular water in place of surgery beverages, it not only promotes weight loss, it also temporarily boosts the metabolic rate. Some studies have shown that drinking water before every meal helps you to eat less, which again helps to lose weight.
  • Eat protein in every meal: Eating less calorie foods may not improve your metabolic rate, but eating less carbohydrates and more protein can do. According to certain studies it has shown that a high or medium protein diet helps to lose weight more easily. This is because protein makes us feel fuller for a long time which prevents overeating, and thus helps in weight loss.
  • Do high intensity exercises: High intensity workout is a quick yet intense activity. This type of workout highly boosts the metabolism and helps to burn fat even after you have completed the workout. Although this workout is extremely intense, it is safe for all. Running and cycling is a great way to begin.
  • Try to lift heavy weight: Muscle building is extremely important to speed up metabolism and burn stubborn fats. Many studies have found that lifting heavy weight or resistance training helps to burn total body fat.
  • Have a proper eating time: A healthy body is all about balancing and consistency. Some researchers have recommended that eating on a regular time helps to reduce bodily inflammations, improves circadian rhythms, boosts gut health and speeds up metabolism. However, more research still needed to understand its efficacy.
  • Drink more green tea: Green tea is highly recommended to those who want to lose fat, because this helps boost metabolism and burn fat. Green tea is full of antioxidants which helps to reduce inflammation, cell damage, cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease. If you are looking to lose a few pounds, then you should stop drinking surgery juices and shift to green tea.
  • Drink more coffee: Many studies have shown that caffeine can boost your metabolism temporarily, similar to green tea. If you are looking to lose weight you should drink black coffee more often. As caffeine helps to boost metabolism and fat burning which will contribute to weight loss.

If you want to boost or reset your metabolism, then have a diet packed with protein and do high intensity workouts. How long it will take to boost your metabolism rate depends on your diet, health condition and activity level.Also, you can check your metabolism rate through a metabolic profile test.