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Jul 2022

7 Foods that will heighten your vitamin D level

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jul 27, 2022

The number of vitamin D deficiency patients are increasing day after day, because in this busy world most people are not able to spend time outdoors in the sunlight. Which is nine in every 10 people are having bone disorders, muscle pain, and joint pain.

The importance of the fat-soluble vitamin D is inexplicable. It has a huge number of duties in our human body. The main purpose is to make our bones and teeth healthy, and strong. Apart from this, it acts as a po-hormone, helps in regulating the hormone and improves our nervous system.

7 Superfoods that are high in vitamin D:

  • Fatty fish: Most of the seafoods and fatty fish are excessively high in vitamin D. Some fish are salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring, eel, trout and tuna. The more the fish is, the more it contains vitamin D. Some research has shown that wild caught salmon have more vitamin D.
  • Eggs: Typically, we all know that consuming eggs is important as it is very nutritious. The nutrition vitamin d is rich in the egg yolks. It is claimed that free-range and pasture-raised eggs contain high levels of vitamin D. Therefore we should consume at least one egg everyday.
  • Mushrooms: As a vegan option mushrooms are also a great source of vitamin D. Just as our human body can process vitamin D in the exposure to the sunlight, mushrooms can also synthesize vitamin D in the exposure to the sunlight. Wild mushrooms have more vitamin D. However, there are many types of wild mushrooms which are poisonous if consumed. So, make sure to buy from a reliable seller. And don’t forget to include this in your daily diet.
  • Cheese: Who doesn't have love for cheese? Well, cheese cannot only be loved due to its cheesy taste, it should be loved because it is rich with vitamin D. Above all the vitamin D rich foods, probably cheese is one of the tastiest vitamin d sources.
  • Soy milk: Plant-based soy milk is derived from soybeans. Soy milk is a great alternative to cow milk, as it is also high in protein. Moreover, one can say that soy milk is very nutritious as it is high in vitamin C, Vitamin d, iron, protein, and calcium.
  • Cow milk: Since childhood we all have heard from parents to drink cow milk as it is very nutritious for our overall health. Well, they were right, cow milk has many nutrients in it, and one of them is vitamin d. While opting for cow milk, always go the whole fat milk to have the full vitamin D amount.
  • Fortified cereals: Fortified cereals are a great option for healthy breakfast. To interpret which fortified food has a high vitamin D level, always read the back label of the product before buying.

Apart from all these, there are still some foods which will increase your vitamin D level in your bed. Papaya, kiwi, broccoli, and avocados also have a good amount of vitamin D. To prevent having vitamin D deficiency, make sure to add these foods into your daily diet and check yourself with a vitamin d blood test, and also the vitamin d blood test cost is reasonable.