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Aug 2023

5 things you need to do in this rainy season to prevent diseases

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Aug 23, 2023

Despite the fact that we all love a little rain after hot weather, it is also true that rainy days not only give relief, but also bring an array of diseases.

The monsoon is one of the seasons when people are more prone to contracting viruses, because at this time our immune system becomes weak. Therefore, here are a few things you need to take care of in order to prevent unwanted diseases.

  • Good hygiene is crucial: Maintaining good hygiene is extremely important for our healthy living. You need to wash your hands with soap and water to prevent contracting viruses, because there are so many micro germs in the skin which we cannot see in our normal eyes. Therefore, make sure to wash your hands and use an alcohol based sanitizer frequently for maximum protection.
  • Make sure there is no standing water: Rainy season is the time when the rate of mosquito-borne diseases increases. Mosquitoes mainly lay eggs in stagnant water. So, make sure that there is standing water or clogged drainage around your home. Also make sure to cover stored water.
  • Try to drink purified water: Not only mosquito-borne diseases, monsoon also brings water-borne diseases, such as cholera, diarrhea, hepatitis, and Typhoid. As unpurified water can get contaminated with viruses, therefore, make sure to drink clean and purified water to prevent contracting viruses. You can also drink boiled water if you do not have the convenience of a water purifier.
  • Make sure to wash the vegetables or fruits: It is extremely important to wash the vegetables or fruits in running water after bringing them from the market. There can be germs on the skin of the fruits and vegetables, this is why it is required to ensure that you eat freshly cut vegetables. Also it is best to avoid salad from street food stall food.
  • Eat foods or drinks that help to boost your immune system: As in the monsoon our immune system tends to weaken, this is why it is important to eat or drink foods that are helpful to increase the strength of your immune system. Try to avoid junk foods and eat more homemade foods. Basically, have a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. And also make sure to maintain a healthy sleep cycle and do more physical activities.

As we all kno prevention is the key to avoiding any unnecessary health conditions. All the above mentioned tips are great ways to prevent sickness, not only in monsoon, but in every season.