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Dec 2022

4 Health effects of work from home

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Dec 17, 2022

As a consequence of the coronavirus, most of us are working from home throughout these few years to bring down the pandemic situation. Although before this pandemic, working from home may have felt like pleasure but now work from home has become a “new normal”. However, working from throughout a “whole year” is not as easy as you thought, right?

Working from home has helped a lot of you from getting affected by the deadly virus, but it also has its own terrible health effects as well. And now you must be wondering what are the effects of this? Here are certain health discomfort of work from home:

  • Eye strain: Eye strain is the most well known frustration of those who are working thoroughly under the blue light. When you are working with a computer for a few hours, you may have blurry vision and headache, this is called an eye strain. To prevent eye strain what you can do is, place your computer screen 15 to 20 degrees underneath your eye level.
  • Neck and back pain: Working for hours in front of the computer results in chronic shoulders, neck and back pain. Sitting in a chair for a long period stiffens our body muscles and joints. To prevent this, choose a proper back support chair, or consider placing a pillow in between the curve of back and your chair.
  • Weight gain: Apart from our unhealthy lifestyle, working from home is another reason for your extra weight gain. Because while doing work from home, we lack adequate physical activity which results in burning low calories. To prevent putting on extra pounds, you have to include some activities in your work time. You can do some yoga before your office timing, consider taking a 15 minute break to walk a little, and try to walk when you are attending phone calls.
  • Mental health: Apart from all these factors, working from home also affects our mental health quite harshly. Because of the inclined work pressure it is hard to differentiate between personal and professional during work from home. And this is the obvious reason to feel anxious and depressed.

Do remember our health is our most precious wealth. Work from home can be a little frustrating for your physical health and mental health. This is why do not put pressure on your mental health, do take tea or coffee breaks, set a timer for short 5 minute breaks to clear your mind. Always remember that short breaks increase our productivity.