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Dec 2022

3 Effective ways to deal with work from home pressure

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Dec 15, 2022

In the recent few years of pandemic, a lot of changes have taken place into our personal as well as professional life. To reduce the spreading of the contagious virus, most people around the globe have shifted into work from home. Right now, most companies have started to return to their regular workplace, while some companies are still working from home. So in simple words, working from home has become the “new norm”.

However, working from home before this pandemic may sound a comfort zone, but working from home for the entire year is not at all as comforting as you thought, right? With the increasing workload and also managing your personal life can be a little overwhelming. So, here are some effective ways to handle your work from home pressure.

  • Create and follow a proper routine: Without a proper routine it will be stressful to maintain the personal space and work space. Even if you are working from home it is essential to set a proper schedule, and try to maintain your usual sleep and work pattern. Before logging in, try to have a mindful walk outside, do some yoga or exercise, and have a filling breakfast to cheer up your day.
  • Find a quiet place: Choose a place in your house to make it your workroom, even if it is small. Collect all your important things like papers, files, pens, and chargers to set up your workplace. Avoid sitting using the sofa, and try to use a normal desk and chair. If you do not have a proper back support chair, you can still use a pillow or cushion behind your back. Also, you can use any box as a footrest.
  • Set your boundaries: Setting your boundaries is extremely important for your mental health while you are working from home. If you have children at home, they might want to spend time with you thinking that you are on holiday. Do have a clear communication about workload with your family. Likewise, when your work time is over, enjoy time with your family only.

Those are the 3 easy yet effective ways to tackle your workload. However, it is important to understand that when handling all these things on your own do not forget to be gentle and kind with yourself.

You may feel that you are not being as productive as you have always been, and sometimes it is okay to be less productive. Always try to be gentle with yourself, no matter how harsh the situation is.