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Jan 2020

10 foods to avoid on an empty stomach

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jan 28, 2020

Your stomach may seem healthy, but it may be affected by some serious kind of disease. There are certain symptoms of such diseases that most of us fail to notice, this is the prime reason why sometimes it becomes almost impossible to detect the disease at the initial stage. Apart from that, people also must know about the food items that must be avoided to keep a stomach healthy as that is also necessary to stay away from the risks of health complexions.

Diet has always been one of the most mentionable factors that helps to keep the stomach healthy. For example, there are some kinds of fruits also that can be harmful if consumed in an empty stomach. As a matter of fact, eating the right food at the wrong moment can also be serious in some cases. In other words, most of the people who desire to stay healthy, must maintain a healthy breakfast everyday.

Having any disease in the stomach can make you face painful physical complexions. Apart from that, such diseases may also turn serious after a certain point of time if not detected or treated on time. Doctors say, such diseases also give birth to digestive issues also. This is the prime reason why it is necessary to stay aware of the food items that shouldn’t be consumed in an empty stomach. Some of the items are briefly mentioned below for you.

10 foods that must be avoided when stomach is empty

  • Eating banana in an empty stomach can be harmful and may cause acidic issues.
  • Having yogurt on an empty stomach is also not recommended. Besides, not all types of yogurt are good for health.
  • Pre mixed oatmeals should also not be consumed in an empty stomach. If you can prepare oats yourself then it can be consumed, but pre-mixed oat meals can be harmful.
  • Green vegetables are good for health, but raw green vegetables should also not be consumed in an empty stomach.
  • Tomatoes may also cause a reaction with gastric acid if consumed on an empty stomach.
  • Citrus fruits like Lemon, limes or grapefruit should never be consumed in an empty stomach.
  • Cold drinks or any such kinds of cold beverages are strictly forbidden when your stomach is empty.
  • Although pears are healthy and sometimes are recommended by certified doctors, pears may also cause damage to the stomach if consumed in an empty stomach.
  • Cereal contains a huge amount of sugar and refined carbs and that is why it should never be consumed in an empty stomach.
  • Smoothies are perfect for breakfast. However, this food item may also cause complexions in some specific cases if consumed in an empty stomach.

One must stay aware of all these food items that may cause damage to stomach and give birth to physical complexions. This is why it is always recommended to stay in touch with a nutritionist. However, if you suspect that you may have any hidden stomach disease, then you may go for a full body checkup to find a cure for your wellness or to fetch more necessary information in this regard.