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Jun 2022

Tips to raise your human growth hormone level

Posted By Suborna Fermi Posted on Jun 09, 2022

What is Human growth hormone (HGH)?

Our pituitary gland produces certain essential hormones, one of those essential hormones is HGH (human growth hormone). Why is it called an essential hormone? Because it helps in our cell production, cell generation, and growth. Along with them, it helps in building and repairing the health tissues of the brain and other invaluable organs.

Inadequate levels of HGH may cause various health issues. HGH deficiency is more seen in children than adults.

However, if you have a deficiency of HGH which is not present in childhood, it may indicate a tumor in the brain.

Here is some trustworthy tips to increase your HGH levels:

  • Minimize your sugar consumption: We are all water that is sugar or refined carbs deliberately raises the insulin levels in the body. Besides, what everyone doesn't know is that high insulin levels can decrease the generation of HGH in the body. Additionally, too much consumption of sugar also contributes to weight gaining which is also a reason for low HGH levels. Hence, try to avoid sugar as much as possible for your good health.
  • Lose that extra body fat: As mentioned earlier, too much weight can also decrease HGH. Some research has found that people who have abdominal fat are more likely to have lower HGH levels. Besides, lower HGH levels are more common in men who have extreme body fat. However, do keep in mind that body fat not only causes low HGH production, it is also responsible for developing numerous health concerns.
  • Try to eat less just before sleeping: Generally our body releases sufficient amounts of HGH especially at night time. Almost all meals increase the insulin level in the body, and as you know high insulin levels block HGH production. This is why, most doctors suggest eating in a lesser amount especially at the night time, just before going to bed. However, insulin levels do adjust in 2 or 3 hours after eating a meal. So, try to eat at least 2 or 3 hours before bed time to avoid human growth hormone deficiency.
  • Try intermittent fasting: Fasting intermittently is one of the best appreciable diets worldwide. Certain well-known research has shown that intermittent fasting highly increases the HGH levels. However, continuous intermittent fasting is not feasible. There are different methods to do this diet. The most common and easy method is 8 hours of eating time with 16 hours of fasting.
  • Do high-intensity workouts: Eating and exercising well is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Doctor suggests doing high-intensity workouts, as it helps significantly in heightening up the HGH levels. However, not only high-intensity workouts help, but any kind of exercises will help you to increase the HGH levels.

Just like any other hormone, human growth hormone is very crucial for our overall growth, cell repairing, and other critical functions. Which is why it is important to maintain the proper HGH levels. Do follow these tips to maintain an increased HGH levels in your body.