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Blood Test At Home

We are associated with NABL and ISO certified labs and providing blood test at home service at affordable price. Lab test at home is now easy if you connect with us. Book blood test online.

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D-Dimer Test

Lab: Thyrocare

Rs. 999

Infection Checkup Profile

Lab: Thyrocare

Rs. 2800

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the purpose of blood tests?

Hidden physical issues, internal diseases or any abnormality that may silently grow inside your body can be detected through a blood test. Diseases and disorders that generate no symptoms at all can also be dangerous, however, a blood test can help you get those detected including the deficiencies of any essential element in your body that may cause trouble.

What can a blood test diagnose?

A blood test can diagnose major problems like Anemia, diabetes, coronary heart diseases, HIV etc.

How can I book a blood test?

It’s now possible to book a blood test just by a few clicks. Yes, it’s true that now you can easily book a blood test online.

Is it possible to book multiple blood tests at a time?

Yes, you can book as many blood tests as you wish online.

How are blood tests performed?

A certain amount of blood will be fetched from your vein by an experienced professional, on which the test will be performed.

What is done to the collected blood sample?

The sample is carried in the laboratory where the experienced pathologists perform necessary tests on that sample. Soon after the entire process comes to an end, the test report is generated.

How long does it take to generate test reports?

Generally, 24-48 hours are needed to generate the test results.

What is the preparation required to appear for a blood test?

Usually 10-12 hours of fasting is needed before appearing for a blood test.

Are the test reports reliable?

Thyrocare has always been known for providing error free test reports as they use advanced medical technologies and experienced specialists to generate the lab test result.

Can I get blood test facilities at home?

Yes, now you can get the facilities of blood test at home as home sample collection facilities are now available.

Is the home sample collection facility chargeable?

The home sample collection facility is not chargeable if the price of the booked test is above 300 rupees.

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